Friday, January 04, 2008

Meme...ME....ME....ME! Taged Again

Hmmm. Somehow I managed to get through November without getting tagged with even one meme. This one is not to hard. I think I can do it. Yes...I am sure I can do it. So can you! Hahah! Here are the rules: Go through your archives and list your favorite or most popular post for each month in 2007. Cut-link-paste! Bata-Bing-Bata-Boom! Anybody who wants too can do this but I am specifically tagging: Becky(you have so much to choose from) Melissa (this should help you in your 365 endeavors) Angela(because you never post so we can at least enjoy the past) Margaret(cause you did the last tag) and Jen(who is also doing 365)

From My Archives

January- nothing
February-I don't know what to say
March-Accupunture/trips/surgical insanity
April- nothing
May-I don't know what to say
June-Oh No!
July-Warning This Could Happen To You!
August- nothing...well not entirely true but the post is politically incorrect.
September- Shrimp Fest
October- nothing
November-Honey Buns
December-Christmas and the Pitiful Wretch


Toad said...

stop tagging me!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine said...

If you post something new I will quit.

Christine said... did! O.K. I won't tag you for a long while. I can't promise you forever you know.

Toad said...


Aspergertopia said...

did you mean me - Jen or a different Jen? I think I'll do this regardless. What an awesome idea. Like the idea of reflecting on the past year.