Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Lovely Lady

Thursday evening John and I went to his aunt Anne's memorial service. Today I thought of her often and spent a fair amount of time just remembering...

I remember when I first met her. John and I were newly engaged. She made a good first impression. She treated me very graciously. She had cute children. I got to know her better as John and I joined her and Uncle Henry's church...Pleasant Hill. We continued to attend Pleasant Hill and when our children came along aunt Anne and her sister Hattie would scoop our little ones up as soon as we were in the door. I always appreciated this as it was so nice to have a little toddler free time. For those of you who are my blogging friends this was a little piece of heaven as John and I had four children four years in a row. no...we were not insane...we had a plan...just get the bottle and diaper thing over quick and then you are home least until you have four teens!... She taught them Sunday school as soon as they would go with her. The children adored her. She adored the children.

I remember all the family picnics at Pike Lake or the Forestry Farm. All the aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, in-laws and outlaws would attend. Everybody would bring food and we would throw it all onto a large communal table. She was always a part of this. She brought yummy food. She was always there to listen to whatever story you had to tell her and she never acted bored! I talk a lot. She didn't ever try to make a run for it and I love her for that. She enjoyed the large family reunions as well. She was a peaceful person to be around.

The last few years of her life were hard. first she lost her husband and not too long after her daughter. She was a lady of a quiet faith. I don't think she could of stood up under the circumstances if she didn't have faith. It was still very hard. When I think of her today it is in the context of happy reunion. I can easily imagine Uncle Henry and Mavis running to hug her! I believe that all the other family members were there to greet her as well. I think that when we get to heaven we will be happy for the deaths of our loved ones because that means they get to be with us yet we will still be sad for those who we know will miss that person.

She is already missed.

Back row: Uncle John Dad Aunt Anne Uncle Henry
Front Row: Uncle Uncle Jake Aunt Tina Mom Uncle John


Sue said...

This is very nice tribute Chris. It was a very nice funeral. Judy actually sang two songs with one of her Aunts. There was alot of people there. She will be missed.

Judy really appreciated you and John coming out to the funeral home the other night... Even though John should have stayed home.

It's hard to believe that 5 of the people in that picture are already gone. And one has alziehmers.

jientje said...

That is such a moving tribute to your aunt Anne, Christine!
And I do believe in Heaven too, and meeting our loved ones again!

Margaret said...

This was a beautiful tribute, Chris. I think Aunt Anne would be pleased to be remembered like this.

When I look at the picture, I can't believe that most of them have already gone to be with the Lord. What a reunion we will have when we all get to Heaven.

Eve said...

Your memories stir up memories of my own. Isn't it nice to be part of such a large, happy family. Most of mine are gone now, too. I would love to have just one more family picnic with all the loved ones again. I look forward to that reunion when it's my turn.

Sandy C. said...

What a lovely post in honor of your aunt Anne. She seemed like such a sweet person and would be glad to have you remember her this way.

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