Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shrimp Fest

Garlic shrimp, Buffalo shrimp, Shrimp linguine, Fried shrimp. Popcorn shrimp....oh the decisions to make! Needless to say I feel ill. I must remember the next time we go to Red Lobster the "all you can eat" is pointless because I can't finish a regular meal. I think that I should punish myself and write that down at least one hundred times. Next time you see the commercials on television please phone me and just say "No Chris". I will know what you are talking about. Poor John! He could only eat half of his "Shrimp fest". When John asked the waitress if he could have the leftovers packed up she said "they don't do that for the Shrimp fest." I told her " he didn't ask for anything extra!" She himed and hawed then agreed to pack it up but only after eying over our table. I could see her point if we had ordered extras then asked for that to be packed up. By the way the lady who was at the table next to ours seated by herself asked for an extra basket of biscuits then proceeded to wrap them up in a napkin and put them into her purse. LOL Good times at the Red Lobster. You know that a person could feasibly make a good haul if they brought freezer bags with them. Am I giving you any ideas. If you plan on trying this please ask me along. Wouldn't want to miss that for anything. LOL Any way we wanted to maximize Johns days of freedom. I think that we just maximized ourselves as well.


Sue said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. Glad You got to do something like that while John was home. We'll have to go together next time. I never did go out for a good seafood feast while in BC. I guess I'll have to do it in good ole Sask.

Margaret said...

I miss Red Lobster. Those biscuits are to die for. It sounds like you really enjoyed yourselves.

footsack said...

We don't have Red Lobster here. We do have a lot of other good sea food places but not with those kind of biscuits. :(