Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Bird

I am so sick of winter so I said to myself that it was ridiculous to sit about and whine and not do anything about it. Now, I am sure that I can't get God to change the weather here so there is only one sane option and I don't for the life of me know why I had not seriously thought about going somewhere reasonably warm for a little while. Well...that is just a little untrue,truth be told. Seriously, I have to stop lying to myself. The only reason that I have not packed up my capris and headed south is that I am cheap. It comes from years and years of budgeting and raising four children and trying to make sure that they were fed and watered and educated and all that. I have no reason to be cheap anymore. The other reason was the obvious one of not having anybody to go with. Today the opportunity came up and after a ten second lecture to myself of dismissing any reason that I had not to go I went and bought my ticket. So....I am heading south on a ten day bus tour of Nevada. Hee hee! I can just feel that sun on my face. I know that it is not going to be as warm as if I had gone to Jamaica or something but to this Canadian it will feel heavenly and it is going to be a hoot. I will be going with good company. The lady that I am tagging along with lost her husband to Multiple Myeloma too. I am excited.

Fly away little snow away....just far enough to be warm.


Mrs. Mike said...

oh, how nice! Enjoy the warmth. Here in the PNW it was chilly, but the sun was bright, and we found some daffodils peeping out of the soil.

Sue said...

SO excited for you! It may not be Mexico or Jamaica but it will be so much warmer than here.