Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Great Adventure On Monday

Along the way. Photos re posted from facebook as promised.

Turner Montana
The Bar And Grill...where we had lunch...note the Ma and Pa facilities out back. Thankfully they did have other options for us although the men's room did not lock and there was a urinal in the ladies room, a very low urinal that maybe you would find in an elementary school. Very weird or what?

Still Christmas in Turner but maybe it was just too durned cold. It was colder here than it was in Saskatoon so it was freakin cold. Ummm...I really can't say much as the snowman and candy canes are still out front of my house and the tree is still up in the basement. Yup.

We went through some mountains. The scenery was very pretty. Somehow I was expecting boring.

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footsack said...

That looks very barren but I remember driving through there in the winter and was surprised at how much like Saskatchewan it was.
Good thing you're heading south :)