Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Needful Advise

Don't stand in one place too long in the slushy icy mess early in the morning or you may freeze in place. If it happened to me, it could happen to you.

If you use Charmin toilet paper, you can enjoy going more often so if you have been holding your bladder trying to save some pennies, you don't have to anymore. Who would have thunk it?

If you use Bounce Dryer Bar you can save valuable time. You will not know what to do with the spare 30 seconds that you gained by not using dryer sheets! Think about it. If you do two loads of laundry a day you will save a whole minute. Seven whole minutes a week! Add that up for a whole year! Wow! I would think there would be a stampede to get Charmin and Dryer bars. With all the time you save you will have more time to enjoy peeing. I know, that is what we all want.


Becky said...

I love Charmin. I've never found a toilet pater that's anywhere near as good.

Sue said...

LOL! who knew?

The Invisible Mo said...

Have never used Charmin because I HATED the commercials. I buy Scott, 1000 sheets a roll, single ply. haha. But it's what I like. Right now I'm not buying toilet paper. I can do without.
Just kidding. I have a toilet paper and paper towel fairy right now so I don't have to buy either. It's been kind of nice because I never bought paper towels anyway. I'm finding them kind of fun to use.
So did the price go down or something?


Christine said...

Sheila I forgot...you don't watch TV. The commercial claims that because Charmin is so strong that you don't need to use as much, therefore it is cheaper and so you can enjoy going to the bathroom more. Bounce Dryer Bar commercial claims that you will save a lot of time by using their product. This claim has always bugged me because seriously how much time does it take to put a dryer sheet into the dryer. Probably not even 30 seconds, maybe more like 5 seconds.