Wednesday, November 10, 2010


They say that bad things happen in threes. Maybe good things happen in threes too but I have never paid attention to that. The negative seems to get and hold our attention more than the good things. Bad thing #1: the element in the oven burnt out. Bad thing #2: My central vacuum decided to quit working today. I already have it at the vacuum hospital and the vacuum doctor phoned but I was still out running errands one of which was to get a new element for the oven. It is fixed. The Swanson Pot Pies are cooking away right now. Yup, I knocked myself out with that meal. I call it widow food. Widow food is anything quick and easy and that you can cook in the right amount so that their are no leftovers. Toast qualifies and is a major staple. I came up with a new yummy idea at the grocery store. I have been having problems motivating myself to eat fruit. I bring it home and forget it is there and it goes to rot. I just threw out five pears that I had forgot were living in my fridge. Today I bought one of those lovely fruit platters that you usually get if you are entertaining, the kind with the delusions dip. Oh, yum. I am eating that as I wait for the pot pies to cook. Hmmm...I have somehow got off topic. I went from bad things to fruit. Back to the bad things. I wonder what is going to break next. I hope it is not any badder than #1 and #2. yum...that is good cheese... JalapeƱo Havarti...and some olives and Stone Wheat Thins. I have moved on from the fruit. This is what happens people when you munch and blog at the same time.


Sue said...

That all sounds quite yummy. Well except for the pie. I have not had a Swanson pie or TV dinner in years. don't remember them as being very good. Maybe they have improved since then. I may have to try them again. I like the fruit platter idea because I do the same thing with most of my produce and any leftovers. Unless I remember to feed it to my grandkids. :)but I'll bet they would enjoy a fruit platter too.


The Invisible Mo said...

The trouble I have with fruit (yes, I know your blog was not about fruit but I don't care) is that I don't like it cold. I have tried keeping it in a fruit bowl like I've seen on television and in other people's homes, but it always spoils faster than I like so I keep it in the fridge. Oh...I digress. What I was saying is what I hate about fruit and that is that I always forget to take it out to come to room temperature so I can eat it. It's tough being me sometimes. LOL.
Love silly little pot pies, especially if you let the crust over brown a little.
Glad you got your element fixed. I wouldn't want to see you out of your element! haha.
Central vacuuming would be nice. My aunt had that.


Was Lybie rude? I didn't notice. Probably because I don't know any Lybies.

Christine said...

MO, Libby the cat and she is rude most of the time.

The Invisible Mo said...

DoH! I forgot about her because I no longer have to put up with her. LOLOLOLOL....sorry.


Melanie said...

Those TV dinners have improved lots! I feed them to Luc sometimes when he comes over and I'm making something particularly un-kid friendly.


Like interesting?

Becky said...

Uh... You can't count toast as widow food, because it was always a staple.

Case in point:

(all messy with a british accent.)

Becky said...

Also, who doesn't like their fruit cold? Sheila, I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, but you, dearest one, are a weirdo.


(No kidding! mista! Like mister, but with a british accent!)

Becky said...


like rats, but with an italian accent!

Becky said...


like thirst, but with a german accent accent

Becky said...


I got nothin'.

Becky said...

Holy crap.



Christine said...

LOL, With 11 comments I thought that I had gotten popular.

LOL, humplin


Eve said...

I eat like that, too. Glad to have a name for it. Widow food sounds so much better than pathetic. ROFL Haven't had pot pies for awhile. Have to add that to my shopping list.

The Invisible Mo said...

There's a valid reason for that, Little Miss Becky. I used to have buck teeth. They seriously stuck out and they became very sensitive to cold. So sensitive, in fact, that when I was in marching band I had to play the cymbols instead of my clarinet if it was cold outside. My teeth have never lost that sensitivity to cold. I even use
Sensodyne and it helps but I just can't bit into cold fruit. I even warm up my grapes and strawberries by running them under warm water.
I'm also allergic to the cold so I eat ice cream very seldom because it breaks my throat out in hives, which itch like mad and cause me to cough.
Just saying.


Wow...really? haha

The Invisible Mo said...

Just had to leave another comment so I could post the next captcha.