Monday, November 08, 2010

From Becky

Dear Mommy,

Oh please don't stop,
Your blog is the top(s).
I like to come here,
and while I drink beer,
I read and I laugh,
at all of your gaffe(s).

Through all of November,
if you can remember,
to post once a day,
anything you might say,
to me on the phone.
Just throw me a bone.

I'll (and I think I speak for all of your loyal readers) take whatever you wanna throw out there Mom. I (we) don't expect Pulitzer prize winning literature. I love your blog. And on days when you really have nothing, I'll be happy to give you an idea, or if you're really desperate, I'll write you a whole post. I've done it before. I'll do it again.

Love your loving daughter,


Carla said...

Chris, are you sick? Nice you have help on your blog. I enjoyed the poem. LOL

The Invisible Mo said...


Christine said...

No, I am not sick just out of ideas. I told my daughter that I give up. I guess I have not quite yet. I may have to write some pretty lame posts to stay in the game.

The Invisible Mo said...

ummm, duh! We had some INTERESTING times in a certain motor home and at a certain campsite. Need me to send you some pics for your blog?

And there was the fun experience of leaving the tent to dry if you know what I mean.

Not to mention, the fabulous cook you hired for one meal this summer, haha.

And the always fun experience of trying to walk with two dogs under foot. Not to mention that weird habit of Frankie's where she stands over Roscoe's nose. I think I have a pic of that if you need it.

qualo...small heavenly birds?

Melanie said...

I love this post. Funny stuff.

I also love your blog and hope you post once a day.

which looks a lot like topham, which makes me think of stupid Thomas the Train and how much I hate kids cartoons.