Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I would say ingly picked. Bwaa Haa! Have a Mateepr day.

I think that I had better save this on draft and hope to goodness that some inspiration comes my way in the next 13 hours and yes I would have to save that. I am sure in half an hour I would forget the one sentence that I managed to write and would have to start all over again. Robot guy has been no help this morning even though I threatened to fire him and go to the store and buy a new computer mascot, one that may have a few ideas kicking around amid the gears and whirligigs.

It is amazing what a few minutes to ponder my threat have done for Robot Guy. The three minutes I took to go and pour myself a fresh cup of java were enough for the ideas to come gushing out of him. I am so pleased that I think I will give him a name. I dub you Mateepr master of word verification. I will save the ideas for tomorrow. I will not waste them on today, after all, I have managed to write a whole paragraph on nothing. OH MY GOODNESS! Mateepr just stuck his tongue out at me. Cheeky thing!


Christine said...

This will not make any sense unless you read the comment from the previous post and even then it may not.

The Invisible Mo said...

Is it wrong that it made perfect sense to me? hahahahahahah...LOL.
Welcome Mateepr.


Christine said...

No. Out of all the people I would bet that you would understand this. I am not surprised at all. That is why I love you so much.

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks! I love you, too!