Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Jumping Jehoshaphat

Arghh...Eeeeeeeee..Oh My....Great jumping Jehoshaphat!!!! Scream...SCREAM AND SHRIEK! AHHHHHHH... NO, OH MY GOODNESS.... ARGHHHHH....EeeeeeEeeeeeEeeeee. ArrrrEeeee! Horrible, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!!

Be still my heart. Never NEVER never ever take something out of a dogs mouth unless you know exactly WHAT it is. If you can not identify it, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, touch it. For the love that of all that is good and holy I don't know what you can do but I know what you must not do. I must correct something I said the other day. Frankie IS NOT part mountain goat. She is part CAT! I just pulled a soggy, grey, limp, dead and disgusting mass out of her mouth that seemed to go half way down her throat. Yup, I just reached in bare hands like I have done a thousand other times just like you would do when you notice a toddler has something in their mouth. I have the heeby jeebies now just writing about it. I want to scream some more. I bet you could hear me all the way to Yorkton, what the hey, I bet you could hear me all the way to Tacoma! I am truely traumatized. I have washed my hands five times and I still do not feel clean.

I guess it was a real waste of time wracking my brain this morning for something to write about. All I have to do is wait and stuff happens. Eeeeeeeeeee! You get two posts today.


Becky said...

Oh gross gross gross. I'm traumatized.

The Invisible Mo said...

Made me feel like I couldn't get my hands clean either. I just bought rat poison yesterday for the voles that want to take over my garage and even touching the box gives me the heeby jeebies and I can't imagine grasping one like that. SO, just HOW FAR did you fling it when you realized what it was?


Sue said...

Oh man Chris that is funny ...but not! I thought I heard something like sirens or the like. I guess it was you!:)
When I hear stories like this I am glad I don't have pets anymore! And if I think of getting one I will come back and read this post again.