Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Gone To The Dogs

Frankie the Beagle thinks she is part Mountain Goat and my lap is her mountain. Lately she has decided that it is nice to perch on my lap as I work on the computer. It is very hard to type anything as she is balanced precariously and ready to topple off at any time. She is a little big for that stunt. The end table in the living room is another favourite of hers. She is not the tiny little thing that I brought home a year ago. She has turned out to be a nice dog other than a few tiny little faults. She likes to dig. She like to tear apart shrubbery. She likes to bay at any imangined critters that she is always determined are lurking in the bushes at night and she eats Roscoe's poop. Every morning you will see me outside in my pajamas, hair wild and uncombed holding the shovel close to Roscoe's back end waiting for the poop to come out. I think that the neighbours can see me. Maybe that is why one of them is trying to sell their home. It can not be a pretty sight. She begs. Her farts stink.

Her redeeming qualities are that she is very amicable, sweet and does not have a snarky bone in her body. She is great with the grand kids even the little ones. That is what counts the most. Sammy wants to take her home and Hannah cries when I put the dogs outside. Frankie is keeping Roscoe thin. She knows two tricks. I think I could teach her more but Roscoe always gets his big furry self involved and it is impossible to show her anything. He takes over. I think he figures she is stupid and he wants to her how it really is performed properly. Treats have nothing to do with it.

I have not improved with my dog training talents. The dogs still run the house. Some things never change. I have bad dreams that Ceaser Milan would show up at my door and that I would end up on reality TV with my poorly behaved pooches.


Becky said...

I don't have a dog, but I want Cesar at my door too. He's is cute to the tenth.

The Invisible Mo said...

I have no idea who Cesar is, so not sure if I want him at my door or not!

(did they just leave off the t? or are they trying to teach us adverbs? or are the captcha "lov-ingly" picked?

Becky said...

Sheila! You don't know who the dog whisperer is? Oh man. Go to YouTube and type that in. Dog whisperer.


Christine said...

Or, you could follow the link on my favourites...

The Invisible Mo said...

Followed the link. He IS cute!


Could you use that in a sentence please?

My mom outboliz my dad every week down at the lanes.