Thursday, November 04, 2010

Honey, I Am Home

I am tired and can't think of a thing to write that does not require effort. I just want to relax and watch TV. I went all out and did two posts yesterday so that counts. Right? All right. I will give you this. If you think you have had a bad day maybe this will put things in perspective.


Becky said...

LOL. I love how they get her purse, like nothing happened. Ha ha ha!

"Just make sure you get my purse dear, it's over there by the review mirror. Hand it to Joey. Joey, hold Mommy's purse so Daddy can help me out. Now I'll just crawl along the ceiling... and... Thank you dear. Hand me my purse Joey. Man, do I need a cuppa joe after the day I had... Phil, don't forget to shut the door, now, how did that Cheeto get down my blouse... ???"

Heh heh.

The Invisible Mo said...

OMGoodness...who drives that fast going into a driveway? LOL....crazy!


Sue said...

That is crazy!
Becky i love your commentary!!!

Christine said...

I know, that is what cracked me up about the whole thing. It was like she did this every day. Hmmmm, maybe she does! LOL

footsack said...

Becky, your comment is just as funny as the video!
Ha Ha!!!