Friday, November 05, 2010

National Treasure or Blame It On America

When the NDP were in power they sure made a mistake when they decided that potatoes was where the money was resulting the infamy that is now know as SPUDCO. If they were smart, which we all know they are not, they would have brokered a deal and acquired Tim Hortons. THAT is where the money is. That is why the Americans brokered a deal and now own it so logically when snagged up in the traffic jams caused by the drive through lines just blame the USA. That is much more politically correct, these days anyway, in Canada, than blaming the poor addicted slobs fouling the air with smog as they burn half a tank of gas waiting in line to get their morning or afternoon or on the way home hit of which by the way I have never been a part of. I go inside. I get the warm fuzzies just thinking about it. Dang! I sure wish I knew what they put in there so I could reproduce it perfectly. It is not the grounds because I have bought those, put it through my expensive coffee maker and it is not the same even if I go all out and make it a double double. Funny, every Canadian probably knows what a double double is. For my American friends, if you ever find yourself hijacked and your life depends on proving that you are a Canadian and you are asked what a double double is the answer is: double cream, double sugar. Repeat that. Say out loud: "For the life of me, Double Cream, Double sugar." Good. That knowledge may one day save you life.

For those of you who have been here today keep in mind that she does not like the smell of coffee brewing, let alone drink the stuff unless it is a Mocha Frappuccino. Now, I do have to admit that is a wonderful invention but it is more like a dessert than anything although I have seen the odd person come rolling into work carrying one even in the winter. I have also seen that same lovely person turn a tad manic searching for the nearest MF (Mocha Frappuccino) dispensing facility (Starbucks) and end up going way out of her way to get her shaking hands on one instead of stopping at the Timmy's we just passed and substituting it for a perfectly good Ice Cappuccino from Tims for half the price. Now she would probably try to get you to believe that the difference is like apples and oranges, I would say that it is more like raisins and prunes.

I love you Timmy.


Becky said...

Actually, I do blame the poor addicted slobs fouling the air with smog as they burn half a tank of gas waiting in line to get their morning or afternoon or on the way home hit.

And you have GOT to be kidding. Iced caps can in NO WAY compare. I'm shuddering just hearing (seeing) you say (type) that.

Also, I do like coffee, just not in the morning. I even LOVE coffee if I have ginger snaps to go with it. And, in general, any iced coffee is good, even the unsweetened kind. But no matter how good, I would never wait in line 20 minutes for it, which is how long you almost always wait in Yorkton.

Why, oh WHY can't we have a Starbucks? Man. I could really go for a mocha frappucino.

The Invisible Mo said...

Hate Starbucks.
Just saying.
Thoroughly enjoyed Tim Horton's though. I would prefer a triple, triple to a double, double, however!


iment to take the garbage out but I forgot.