Monday, December 21, 2009

Life With Sam

Yesterday evening after coming back in the house after letting the puppy and two boys out of the crate and letting the four legged creature outside to do her business, I seemed to be missing the other puppy, the one you see below with the orange dog toy. This is not usually a good thing especially as how I had left my computer open. That child can punch keys so fast his fingers smoke. I am worried that they could spontaneously combust. He was nowhere to be seen so I figured that the computer was safe and so were his fingers.

Meantime Ben had found my camera. He was trying to take pictures and wanted me to show him how to work my camera because he could not figure that out. I don't know about you but I tend to fear for my camera when the grand kids get a hold of it.

Frankie puppy was at my feet and was working at removing my slipper. Ben is pushing buttons on the camera. Sam is nowhere to be seen.

Frantically I searched the room for Sam. Ahem...there he was in the broom closet. You can see why he was so hard to find. In the end I was glad that Ben had the camera handy. I am titling this picture:

If I Can't See You, You Can't See Me!

This morning, Sam dressed himself. You can't really see it but his shirt is on backwards as well. I am sure that he would have put his jacket on and happily went to town just as he was. The funny thing is, he KNOWS that his cloths are on backwards and he likes it that way. He would like it as well if he could have green or blue hair so I am titling this:

The Nonconformist or
Dances To The Beat Of His Own Drum

This evening we had a nice story time. I found it very hard to keep a straight face considering that the boy has a pair of his underwear on outside his pajamas. (look closely or enlarge the picture) I did manage to keep somewhat sober but it did help that he moved the underwear off of his head. I am sorry I did not get a photo of that one. He uses the leg holes for his eyes. I am titling this:

You Are Killing Your grandma

You can see there is never a dull moment. I am wondering how his mother keeps her sanity although, come to think of it, maybe she has not. Sometimes I think I see her eye twitching.


Sue said...

What a funny kid! Those backward pants and the underwear on top of his clothes is just too funny!

The Invisible Mo said...

Are you sure he never met my son, Jeren? We used to call him "back to the future" boy because he would wear his clothes inside out and backwards. He never cared. I'm not sure if he wore his underwear on his head, but it wouldn't surprise me. I'll have to check the pictures. Haha.
I can't wait to meet Sam and Ben. I know I will just enjoy them dearly!

footsack said...

I think it's just so neat how two brothers can be so different. He is such a funny boy. Posts about those boys always make me smile :)

Jientje said...

That boy is a real commedian!! I love love love how resourceful he is!!! I'll bet he cracks you up all the time!!!
Merry Christmas Christine!!
((( big Belgian hug )))

Momisodes said...

LOL! Those pants are a riot. What a photo to treasure.

You certainly had your hands full there :)

Becky said...

You didn't mention that the reason he was hiding in the closet was because he had pooped his pants and he was scared of what would happen when I found out.

Christine said...

Naw. I didn't mention. I felt sorry for him.

diana said...

how funny. sounds like you have your hands full =)

in case i don't get another chance... wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas.

i'm sure it will be a hard holiday for you, so i'm saying an extra prayer asking God to give you a blessed day of love.

Avaelyn said...

That Sam is such a funny kid! I love that he deliberately puts his clothes on backwards.

Anonymous said...

so cute!