Saturday, December 12, 2009

Minus Fifty Celsius x&#!!%xx! Bleep Bleep

The weather outside is frightful.
Nothing about it is delightful.
Nothing you do will keep you warm.
Let it storm
Let it storm
Let it storm

Yes, a good storm is a preferable alternative to this horrific biting painful cold. Usually it warms up when it storms. On the other hand, I guess I had better be careful what I wish for because with our luck it will decide to storm and not warm up. That would leave us all worse off than we are now.

I went to the city today to help Angela paint. Seriously, I have been home for an hour now and my bum is still cold. I think that I froze my big toe as well even though I was not outside for more than four minutes at a time. The car heater had trouble keeping up. By the time I drove back home and took my puppy sitter home and got back my toe was burning. It is still tender.

I wrecked that toe when I first moved to Canada and did not have a clue that people could freeze their body parts. I waited outside for a bus for about a half an hour in weather like this. I froze my toes as well as parts of my face and fingers. The one toe for some unknown reason decided to freeze worse than anything else. The doctor in emergency thought that maybe I would have to loose the toe. Long story short, the toe made it but not until all the skin on it turned black and pealed off. Now the toe is sensitive and objects to any adverse winter weather.

The good news for the day was that when I went to Home Depot with Angela to get the paint, I actually remembered stuff that I needed to get and scored 100% in obtaining everything . So now I am a proud owner of a new stove element. The one I wrecked by welding my cow tea kettle to when I let it boil dry has been patiently waiting to be replaced for half a year at least.

I bought a new shower nozzle as the one I had decided to have a crisis and start to spray water in every direction that you could imagine. This has turned out to be a good thing as the new shower head comes with a 72 inch hose and will make it easier to reach all parts of Roscoe when he goes for his bath. As it is now, I have to cram him forward in the tub in order to reach all his parts. He does not like this and it is hard to shove a 75 pound dog around for pity sakes. I can hardly wait to try this new shower nozzle gizmo thingy.

I got a fifty foot Line Cord for replacement or adding length from modular jack to modular phone. I need to add length so that I can get rid of the unsightly eyesore of wires hanging down the wall in the basement. Now Mike can have the honor of running the wire neatly up the corner and along the ceiling. I sure hope fifty feet will do it as that is the longest cord that I could get.

I hope you all dream of warm beaches tonight and that we will suffer no power outages like they did up around LaRonge in the early hours this morning because Susan and Marv...ya know what I do when I gets cold!


Sue said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post Chris. I learned something new about you after all these years. Then LOL at the the comment about what you do when you get cold. Oh my I keep forgetting about that.

Becky said...

Okay. HOW. HOW???? How have I never heard this story? How? I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone, and not in an awesome vampires and werewolves kind of way either...

Seriously though. HOW have I never heard this story. More than once? 'Cause I know all your stories. And most of them I've heard more than once when you tell them to other people, or forget you've told them to me. And almost losing your toe is kind of a big deal. And I don't think I've ever heard you say anything like, "That danged big toe that I almost lost to frostbite, it's already SO much colder than the other toes!"

Am I on the right blog?

Sue said...

I guess I am not the only one who never heard that story before!

BTW Chris I think you should join the Balderdash Blog game that Carrie started.

Christine said...

I have no idea how you have never heard that story. I was certain that you would be rolling your eyes as you read it and would be thinking here we go again for the thousandth time. Obviously you did not hear how a man on the bus gasped when he saw my face as he told me I had frostbite and how I was so confused about what he meant by that but figured it all out when I started to thaw out and the pain of the thaw hit. I guess I did not tell you how my mother thought that I must been a brain damaged person to have been so stupid. She asked me "Didn't your feet hurt?" I said that they did but quit hurting after a while so I figured that all was well and that I had warmed up. Anyway...I am sure that Mike has heard the story. Certainly I would have told it to him to make him feel better when he just about froze his ears off.

The Invisible Mo said...

Maybe it took the awful cold to make her remember? haha.
Great story, though. I, too, am just about sick of the cold and want my normal winter, rainy weather back. It is warmer tonight. All the way up to 26 degrees. My radiators in the house are not only keeping up but it actually feels warm in here. I am not huddling under a blanket tonight. And I have them set on medium now instead of high. It's supposed to snow and I can't wait because usually the snow comes just before the rain in this kind of weather. Here's hoping you all get some warmer weather, too!

Jientje said...

A story even your own daughter did not know about? Cold that bad you freeze your toes waiting for a bus?

It's a good thing you found all the stuff you needed. Now let it storm, let it storm, let it storM
And stay inside and enjoy your puppy!

Karen said...

I have been so busy with my own life going on that I have not been reading anyone's blogs in quite some time, so when I read your comment on mine today, I was taken unawares that you had lost your sweet John. I am so sorry, and sorry that I was not there for you when it happened. I can not imagine my life without my FabGrandpa. I can not imagine you without him. And I do not have adequate words to express it. I know we have never met, but that does not matter. Just take my heart now.

Eve said...

It's been horrendously cold here for a couple weeks. Today we are headed for a high just at freezing (32F). I hope it goes a degree or two higher and melts some of the snow. It's not really deep yet, but if we don't get rid of a bit occasionally it will eventually pile up. Stay warm!

Lucy said...

Wow, you really messed up your toe!
I agree with you, storm, storm and storm is way better than freezing, I soooo hate to be cold!!!

diana said...

knowing how cold the temps have dipped down to here, i can only imagine how cold it's been up there. brrrr. stay warm.

Margaret said...

Mom said to tell you, "Lord willing, I will be home on Thursday just after midnight and plan to bring some warm weather back with me so by Friday you should be feeling quite a bit warmer."

Toad said...

I've heard the story before. Lol.