Thursday, August 13, 2009

Safely Arrived

We spent our second night in Hope at the unpretentious, immaculately clean and cheap Heritage Inn. Their advertising made me laugh but I would have to say they lived up to what they boasted! I love this little town and we enjoyed seeing all the fantastic wood sculptures. I will only post one cause that is all the pictures I took of them. We did not have time as we got up in the morning, had a quick breakfast and hurried away so we could get to the ferry at Horseshoe Bay.

We were on on a boat very similar to this one. I am always amazed at how many vehicles they can put on one boat. Even Semi Trucks!

View off the back. Pictures are courtesy of John. I stayed inside. It is always very windy outside and I didn't want my hair to get all tangled.

We will stay here until the 16th and then head on down to Seattle. Today I want to go to the market in Coombs. Eeeeeeee! I love that place! Promise to take pictures.


Sue said...

looks lovely. wish I was there with you.

BTW. Tamara from the Cancer center called and would like to talk to John asap. about some heart test results. She may have talked to you already.

Lucy said...

It looks so beautiful, the scene looks refreshing, like clean air, it makes me want to take a vacation up north and really I never wanted to do that before but your pictures are beautiful and you can tell by your writing that it is just lovely!!

diana said...

it looks so pretty. enjoy the rest of your trip.

Jientje said...

I love these, such beautiful scenery! By now you probably have arrived in Seattle?