Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On The Road Again


John felt kind of pooky in the morning so for those of you who believe that I never drive, I drove from Radison to Edmonton. He is feeling much better this evening and is back to his old, lively pestering persona or in other words is back to driving me crazy. From there he drove until he got tired which happened to be way up at Mount Robson. There really is not much for facilities up there on the top of the world but I did see a sign that pointed up a little dirt road that said camping and lodgings. Away we went, not feeling very hopeful but lo and behold we found this:

We stayed in this cute little cabin called the bunk house. All the little cabins had names. John would have stayed even if there were no showers. He loved the rugged isolation. The cabins were surrounded by the most magnificent mountains imaginable, mysterious and awe inspiring while at the same time managing to be peaceful and serene. I slept for ten hours. I think the fresh alpine air combined with the sound of rain on the cabin's tin roof is better than any sleeping remedy the pharmacist has!

Our hosts were Asian and their customs were Eastern. We were instructed to remove our footwear at the door and use the slippers provided. When we went to the dinning room for breakfast the same rules applied. They must have had 50 pair of slippers on racks at the ready but they had two pair at the door set out just for us as we were the only customers for breakfast that morning. A young fellow made us pancakes from scratch using his own secret recipe. We ate our pancakes in a dining room that the queen herself had had tea in and who used to own the land while watching the hummingbirds that were flocking to the feeder right outside the window. As well as the birds at the feeder, many were frolicking amid the large, old, overgrown and wildly beautiful rose garden. We could even hear them chirping to each other and could see them close enough to see their little chests fluttering away. There were more hummingbirds in that one place than I have seen in my entire life. I would have loved to stay. What fun it would be to put on a big hat resplendent with flowers and sit in the rose garden and let the little birds buzz around my head. The only thing better than that is if there were squirrels playing at my feet all at the same time! I hope heaven is like that.

I waited until morning to take a picture of the mountains. Can you see them? No? Oh dear!

Taking pictures of each other.

This is the view off the bridge we crossed on the way to our cabin. In the evening we saw a few kayaks go down the rapids. The people in them survived. I did not think they would.


We managed to have some fun along the way. We took a side trip at Clearwater to go to Wells Grey Provincial Park. We were glad we did. What a lovely spot to have lunch!

There are so many beautiful places in the world. A large amount of them have been admired by visitors. Yet as I looked about at the miles and miles of forest about me, I thought of all the secret places. There are places that no human foot has trod on or that no eye has beheld. There are secret places that only God knows of. Somehow that makes me glad.


Sue said...

Love that cabin! It looks more cowboyish than eastern culture. Sounds like your have some fun on the way. GREAT! enjoy the rest of your trip.

Jientje said...

What a breathtaking scenery Christine! Drive safe, and have some fun along the way, okay? ((Hugs))

The Invisible Mo said...

Gosh, I wish I was with you. So beautiful and such a lovely little cabin! Nice pictures.

Toad said...

Good to see some pics of the trip. All is fine on the home front except I've already managed to kill some plants. Yikes. I made an attempt to try to bring them back to life. We'll see what happens.

Christine said...

@ Angela: Just don't let the roses in the front die. If you kill the stuff in pots who cares? They are all going to die anyway. LOL

Lucy said...

Oh, my gosh this place looks so beautiful!

I can see why you got a much needed rest of 10 hours!!!!

Becky said...

That always creeps me out when I think of all the unexplored miles and miles of land...