Friday, August 21, 2009

Week One

Monday: The trip from Vancouver Island to Seattle was tiring. We had to wait an hour and a half at the ferry but were glad that we did arrive early because that insured us passage on the next sailing. We had to wait two hours at the border. We did not make it in time to get our key so we stayed the night in Everett.

Tuesday: Made it here alright. Got keys, unpacked and did the big grocery shop. Got all settled in. It was nice to make our supper and not have to eat out. Monday night supper at Denny`s left much to be desired even though our waiter kept insisting that we were in for a big treat and that everything we ordered was YUMMY! Let me assure you that it was anything but yummy. It amounted to over priced gut rot.

Wednesday: Wednesday was a whirlwind of appointments. They again forgot to schedule time for lunch. We were very hungry when we got home.

Thursday: More appointments and tests. I packed a lunch to bring with as it looked like we were going to miss lunch again. An appointment was changed so we had time, lots of time, for lunch but was still glad that I packed lunch because the bistro here serves strange food, lots of tofu and sprouts and leeks and other foods that I don`t have a clue about and don`t really want to know about. John is even less adventurous than me so he was very thankful.

Friday: We are up bright and early and at the clinic. John is having his bone marrow biopsy. Pray that it is good. The last one that was taken was somewhat inconclusive apparently seeing as how it was taken so soon after the transplant.

No matter the results, the transplant will go this time. Ian, our nurse, said we won`t be sent home from school this time.

We have the weekend off and so far only one appointment for Monday. If the weather cooperates, we plan to go to the tree park that is known as the Arbouratorium (spell check does not recognize that word). The wiener sticks will hopefully be put to good use. It has been hot up to today. This morning it is overcast and misty. We are liking it as our apartment does not have air conditioning but I do hope for some sunshine on the weekend so that we can get out and enjoy some sun, the fresh air will probably have to wait until we get back home.

Hopefully, next week I will have a router so that I can have Internet at our apartment. Until then I can only post here at the clinic where they have free wireless so I won`t be in communication with you until Monday. Talk to you later. Take care every body.


The Invisible Mo said...

Give Tofu a chance! LOL

Jientje said...

I'm glad you're settled in now. Enjoy your weekend Christine. Hugs xxx

little erin said...

glad to see you got there safely and are starting to settle in.
ill be sending positive thoughts your way!!!