Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is Becky Talkin'

Heya. I just noticed that Mom never mentioned on here that she recently had a birthday. Probably because it was a pretty lame birthday and she didn't get to do anything fun. I don't think she even got a present, and I know she didn't get a card because I've been nagging her for a week now to go check the mail and pick up the one I sent her.

Anyways, her birthday was lame. I know she has a lot of friends out there in blog land that would be appalled to know that such a special lady didn't get a special day. Maybe we could make it up to her by sending her some birthday wishes? I'll start:

Oh my dear sweet Mommy,

You make me so happy. I love that you are the type of mom that I (and apparently Jonathan) can call to talk about American Idol with. I love that you almost always tag along when I need someone to hang around with in town. I love it when you get the giggles playing Balderdash, and that it's almost always at your own jokes. I love your tacky cabin house and I love sitting in there with you talking about whatever it is that you and I can spend hours talking about. I love all the lame things you say that make all of us laugh... "I speed", "Well, that was lunch." I love it when you do my dishes. I love calling you on the phone and hearing about every detail of what you did that day, and then telling you every detail of what I did. I love watching you with my kids, you're a great Gramma, a perfect Gramma. I couldn't ask for a better Mom and I wish I could be there to give you a better birthday, because you sure deserve it. My card will rock your world though, and when/if you visit soon I'll take you to Dairy Queen for one of those mud ice cream things that you like.

I love you Mom, Happy Birthday!
Love, Becky


Jientje said...

That is such a SWEET post!!!

Sue said...

Very nice post Becky!

I wish I could have spent time with you on your birthday but I didn't want to "gift" you with my stupid cold.
You are a great sister-in-law and I thank God for bringing you into our family. You are a great mom and an amazing wife. I love you! I hope you have many, many more birthdays and that maybe the next one should be spent on a beach in Mexico! Seriously!!! lets plan for it!

Christine said...

Becky: I totally missed this! Now I am crying!

Jientje: I have great kids. They make every day worth getting up for.

Susan: How about house boats on the Shushwaps?

Becky said...

If you two are going to the Shuswaps don't even bother trying to leave me behind.

Oh yeah, this reminds me of one more thing that I love: You're a pretty bad speller Mom. ShuSHwaps. LOL.

The Invisible Mo said...

Soooo...I guess HAPPY BIRTHDAY is in order here! Hope you had a great one!

Sue said...

Shushwaps sounds great too!

Fluffy said...

If I had known, I would have sent you a card. I have some truly disgusting ones that I need to get rid of.