Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What? Do I Really Need A Title?

I have not got the slightest idea of what I am going to post about. I had a post made of a dream that I had the other night in which I sunk a bathtub. After I proof read the thing, it just seemed very lame. I was afraid that you would think that I had lost it. I hit delete.

I made some cookies today. I think I will go and get a couple of them and a glass of milk. Maybe something will come to me on the way to the kitchen.

Nope! The cookies are good though!

I had fun on Monday. I went to McNally Robinson and spent the gift certificates that I had received for Christmas. Can you believe it? I had received Seventy dollars worth! I Think that I have enough books for the trip to Seattle. I picked books that John would like as well. I could spend hours in the bookstore.

If I make short paragraphs and have spaces between them, it looks like I have written more!

Oh! Look at the card I got for my birthday from Ben and Sam! It plays the chicken dance when you open it. I think that this is the best card that I have ever got. Seriously! I love it.


Becky said...

LOL. Looks like you got the card after all. Did you even notice the post underneath this one?

Jientje said...

Oh my God Christine, it was your BIRTHDAY and you didn't even tell us!! Shame on you, a special friend like you deserves at least a HUGE HUG from me? I'm working on my lace at the moment, and I'll make it extra special for you, okay?
Have a great day today, even if it's not your birthday today, I'm wishing ALL of your days would feel like birthdays, how about that huh?

Sue said...

Cards and Drawings from Grandkid's are always extra special.

little erin said...

when is your birthday????

Lucy said...

Hey, I have hit the delete button quite a few times too, lately. Really, having trouble posting.
Thanks for the tip of spacing (ha! ha!)

NOW for the important message:


Fluffy said...

That's the same card I sent my sister-in-law for her birthday. It was about a month after her knee surgery. I figured she was ready to do the dance.