Monday, February 09, 2009

Foul, Foul and Triple Foul

The Blog Herald states that the are probably Fifty Million Blogs in existence. Maybe that is why so many journalists are feeling threatened. Maybe that is why the people at Times On line wrote the article that they did. They do seem to have it out for bloggers.

The authors of this article, surmise that most bloggers are motivated by narcissism, and of self aggrandizing motives. We are all seekers of adulation. Not their words but definitely implied! They seem to be very hard on the mommy bloggers in particular by making them out to be ahem bad mommies who put their blogging before their children. That is what I came away with.

Perhaps it is the mainly the BIG blogs that have gained their disdain, you know, the blogs that are making money. They seem to have a lack of understanding that the people who are making the money have worked hard, have talent and are sometimes journalists themselves. They avoid the fact that the types of blogs out in blog land are as diverse as the people themselves are. They do not mention: political blogs, photographic blogs, cooking blogs, sports blogs, fitness blogs, humor blogs, religious blogs and blogs designed to help others through traumatic times. I could go on and on.

They make it sound as if you can not make a real friend through blogs. I know for a fact that this is not true. Many of us have got to hug the friends that we have made, not virtual hugs but real bona fide hugs, real people that have become real friends.

Worst of all,while I believe that everybody is entitled to their opinions, I do have a problem with the unethical manner that the authors have gone to in expressing them. They did not interview Don Mills Diva yet they make it sound as if they did. They did not ask her if they could use her material. I wonder how many of the other so called interviews have been lifted. This is very unprofessional and misleading.

I will not allow this type of article make me feel ashamed of my humble little blog. I will write on. Hopefully I will improve my writing skills. To all the other humble bloggers: "Write on! You can and you count." To the people at Times On Line, I say "Fifty Million people is a lot of people. Does that not tell you something? Maybe you should get a blog and learn blog ethics. Learn to use your link button. Ask permission for goodness sake!"

Follow the story from Lucy's blog to Don Mills Diva to the Times On Line article about the dangers of blogging.


Lucy said...

You go girl!!!!

Don Mills Diva said...

You hit the nail on the head - the mainstream press is dfinitely feeling threatened by the revolution in blogging. Thanks for your support!

diana said...

very interesting. i'll have to go check out the blogs and article.

i can see why journalists are threatened. the face of written media has changed so much with the development of the web

people have a choice in what they read. and i believe, like you, that there are a lot of talented writers out there.

the main stream writers don't have control anymore and i'm sure that is scary for them.

Eudea-Mamia said...

I discovered your blog through a comment on Momisodes - I LOVE this post!!!

I'm off to read the article, thanks for the fair warning. I'll try not to let it make me (too) mad.


Momisodes said...

Very well said.

You are so right. I have received many virtual hugs from you and others, and have given them as well. Words reach far and wide through the blogosphere and can truly make a difference.

I'm off to check out the links in your post.

Jientje said...

You said that so well Christine!!
My friendship for you is real, not virtual, and you know that, don't you!

Fluffy said...

Yucky here today, so I am trying to catch up on my reading. I read the article. Very enlightening.

Karen said...

I have hugged some of my bloggy friends in person, not all of them, but some. and if not for a blog, where would I express myself. Not everyone can get The Times to pay them for their articles.

People who write articles like that are just jealous, and afraid a better writer will be discovered through their blogging and take their place. Thanks for the links.