Sunday, September 07, 2008

Soon The Snow Flies...Way To Soon!

It definitely feels like fall. It smells like fall. The sun is low in the sky and it stays darker longer.

Things I want to do before it snows:

1. Go see Mama Mia By the time it snows I will probably be able to rent it
2. Stain the deck Been meaning to do it all summer
3. Get the dahlias out of the ground so I can plant them again next year I always forget
4. Get my parka dry cleaned can not go another year!
5. Buy winter boots I mean something other than my heavy clunkers
6. Have one more day just to sit in the sun and read a book
7. Barbecue a beer butt chicken I have the beer!

8. Get the neighbors to trim their hedge It is out of control!
Take the dog for his booster shots
10.Check on my citizen status. I have not heard a thing from immigration Canada!
Get my mom signed up for Access Transport. This is a bus that takes wheelchairs. Must be done before we leave so she can get around for appointments.
Spend lots of time with the grand kids!



Becky said...

Hmmmm... I don't think I like this "get stuff done" side of you. It makes the "put things off" side of me feel guilty.

Jientje said...

I'm all for it!!

Sandy C. said...

What a great list :) It feels like Fall's a'coming here as well. I would love to eek out one more glorious day in the sun. And I definitely need some waterproof winter boots too!

John said...

There are a couple of things on your list I think I can help with. Do you want to go to Yorkton this weekend and see Ben and Sam? We could bring the beer and do the chickens there. I could probably stain the deck, and if I get to lazy, I could hire a kid. And the hedge,,, you know how much I like to have fires.

The Invisible Mo said...

Yes, I love FALL! And we are lucky to be having a nice summery one so far, although, technically, it's still summer.
I fought the procrastination devil all summer long. I think it's a tie.

Fluffy said...

I'm running around in shorts and you're talking about snow? I am so glad we only get an inch or two here, if any.