Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saliva...Did That Get Your Attention?

I am not sure how I feel about aging. It takes a person many different places. On the positive side, it has taken me into lands of smiles and sunshine in the persons of my grand children. On the other side it has taken me into places of aggravation and embarrassment in the land of TMJ and Physical Therapy and Dental Appliances. At least the land of Dental Appliances is private for the most part. John does get to see that indignation and has heard me try to talk with the thing in my mouth. On the positive side, it would be amusing to talk to the telemarketers with it applied orally as long as I could manage to keep it in my mouth and not spit it out when I laugh too hard. On the negative side, I seem to be having trouble in my subconsciousness because I do not wake up with it in my mouth in the morning. Every morning is a mystery as to where it is going to show up. I have found it in such diverse places: under pillow, on the floor, behind the alarm clock and in a cup of water by my sink. I do find this so very strange as I do not have dentures! As for the Physical is very embarrassing to have a handsome young man stick his hands in my mouth and stretch and jerk my jaw about and have to deal with my saliva in such an unromatic way. Not that I would want him to deal with my saliva in a romantic way...I would prefer him not to be dealing with my saliva at all! On the positive side...the land of aggravation seems to slowly dispersing. Today there seems to be less pain, less popping and less grinding. When I did the mirror test this morning that involves opening the mouth wide and doing a visual inspection my jaw seems not to be slanting to the right as much as it was. I think that the therapist is managing to get my jaw back into place. This is good on so many different levels.


Bientje said...

This does not seem like an easy thing to live with! My colleague at work sleeps with a dental appliance because she grinds her teeth so hard she would break them!
Funny how you keep losing them everywhere!

The Invisible Mo said...

They corrected mine with surgery, which in turn killed several of my teeth, something I did not find out until many years later. I'm still dealing with the after effects. Because I now grind my teeth furiously, I have cracked several (which is how I found out about the nerve damage they did). Every now and then my jaw returns to the popping and pain, but usually I can correct it with a few well-chosen exercises. I hope that works for you even if you do seem to lose it at night.

Fluffy said...

I don't want to think about it.