Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rainy Sunday

What A Dufus!

The weather today is overcast and was great for sleeping in. That is what I did. I haven't done that for a long time. I feel like a teenager. I woke up, turned and looked at what the clock had to say and wondered where my mom was with the vacuum cleaner. That is how she would wake me up on the weekends. Come to think of it...I wish she was waking me up with the vacuum because that would mean that I would not have to do it today. I still have not been able to teach the dog to do a great job at that. He is great for quick clean ups though. We should have named him Hover. If something is spilled we just yell: "Roscoe... come clean up" He is on the job. He just does not seem to care about non food stuffs. Don't you think that insert fake Scottish accent here "Hover...come clean up" would sound better?

John is feeling somewhat better today. I really hope that these
Shingles are on their way out. He has really been suffering with them and pain medications don't work against his poor screaming and raw nerve endings. He is much more cheerful today. He is taking on the phone to Jonathan right now. First the conversation goes to home renovations. Jonathan has a new interest in home renovations. After discussing the renovations they moved on to sports. I am missing my grand kids. We should be able to have them over now because the Shingles rash has dried out and there should be no more risk of the kids getting Chicken Pox.

Well that is aboot all I have to say today. Not a typo...I am just speaking Canadian. more thing...I did conk out on the Open Door challenge. I did run out of doors. Apparently, Angela has some fantastic doors from when she was in Spain. She was telling me about one door that was in a castle that she was visiting along with Diane and Joanne. It had one of those little slits that you can open and peek through. When Diane came to come through the door Angela held the door shut, opened the little slit and told Diane that she could not come in that door and that she had to go way over to another tower and climb up there and come over from there. Of coarse there was no connection from tower to tower. Diane believed her. She got a great shot of Diane over in the other tower yelling. Hahaha! She gets this kind of behavior from her father.


Fluffy said...

That's one of the things that I miss about not having a German Shepherd. They would hear a cat start to heave and would come running. This wimp I have now is even picky about leftovers.

Christine said...


Jientje said...

Yeah yeah!!
I know !
Forgot the linkies huh?
Such a bad blogger!

Eve said...

Good for you for having a lie-in! Rainy days demand extra time in bed, popcorn, and mystery novels.

Becky said...

Hover? You mean Hoover right?

Christine said...


The Invisible Mo said...

I'm reading these from the top down because I am so far behind. I'm sorry to hear John has shingles. VERY painful. I used to get them down my neck (they always stay in the same nerve line) but the last few times they are inside instead of outside which means the inside of my ear and mouth is what is affected. I am so glad to be over them and hopefully his will be gone, soon!

I love to vacuum (my son says I'm OCD about it) so if I come to visit, I will gladly wake you up with the vacuum! haha