Monday, August 25, 2008

Homeward Bound

All good things must come to an end. The bags were strategically packed back into the car by the master of all car packers. It is amazing what Becky can pack into a car! We hitched up our pants and tried not to cry. By- by forest and shopping and laughing rivers. By- by kitty cats, hot tubs and sumptuous food. By-by baby brother. See you in September. I think there is a song to go with that!
We made a pit stop in Drumheller. We had time for one last indulgence. It is a tradition for Becky to stop there and get some dinosaur pictures. My theory is that she was most probably conceived in Drumheller so I think that explains why she feels compelled to do this.

Run girls! Run for your lives! He is right behind you. Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
(double click)

We stopped for lunch. It was cooking hot outside. I think that they said that it was 38C. Drumheller is a desert. It felt good to get inside the air conditioned restaurant. Poor Becky ended up sitting outside until our food came because the people next to us ordered fish. In her pregnant state this was unbearable. Then the tomato bisque was not as the waitress described it would be. I thought she was going to break down and cry. That was whisked away and replaced with something else. By this time even the thought of food was bad. The manager decided to not charge any of us for our diner! Yup...Free lunch! Yee Haw! was a right kerfuffle...right Becky?


Becky said...

Okay. For future reference. No internet pictures of me hiking up my pants. I realize I do this a lot, and it may be difficult to find pictures of me where I'm not hiking up my pants but... Online pants-hiking? Computer says no.

Otherwise a great post. I'm off to look for some unflattering pictures of you to post in retaliation. Or Ang. I'm not picky.

Christine said...

I think you just had your hands on your hips. LOL! retaliation...pretty please.Akkk!

Margaret said...

It's always hard to come home after a good holiday. As for the unflattering picture war, please go ahead. Entertain us. :)

Christine said...


Sandy C. said...

Aww, poor thing! I remember that part of pregnancy. I changed poopie diapers all of my career, and suddenly, I could detect it from a mile away!

LOVE your dinosaur pic caption :)

jientje said...

Picture war!!! Yaaaay!!!!

Fluffy said...

Speaking of dinosaurs, I have got to back to my quilt. They are starting another mystery quilt this weekend, but I can't start until I finish this one.