Saturday, August 23, 2008

Decent Into Decadence...Day Three

Not all of the vacation was self indulgent. At least one of our group did a good thing. We think Angela is wonderful even if she did get beat by a clown. Kudos go to Angela for running 10K. the day after the big hike even though her legs were stiff. My brother's radio station sponsored the event. He was supposed to run. He did stand by and offer moral support. That counts for something. Right? All proceeds of the run went to the Ronald McDonald House. BTW...we think that the clown was a ringer. He was about 6 feet tall and looked well built. We haven't figured out how he managed to run in the big shoes he was wearing!

Angela is still going strong. She is on the final few meters. What a strong finish! Run Angela!

After the run it was decided that we all needed a real adventure. Yes...we needed to challenge ourselves some more. Off we went to Canadian Tire to see if we could get some river tubes so we could ride them down the Elbow river! Well...all the tubes were sold out because it was a very hot day and everybody else and their dogs decided that it would be a great idea as well. The group decided that air mattresses would be the way to go. I did rebel and purchases the closest thing I could get to a tube. The group was displeased with my choice. They had grave doubts about my vehicles ability to stay afloat. The group prepares....I am sorry that I don't have a photo of the trip. Some other tourist does. As I went shooting down the river I could hear people laughing over my screams of terror and did see somebody run and grab their camera and forever memorialize our insanity in a photo of their own!

As I went whizzing by the group my tube seemed to be faster than the air mattresses I noticed my brother all snagged up in some fallen trees crying out for help. Are you kidding me? By this time everybody else had enough problems of their own. My tube kept going in circles as I streaked past everybody so everything was a blur. I could not determine if I was going to run into a big rock or a large tree snag and the boulders on the river bed kept bashing my backside. At that point I decided that it was best to bail. The water was not deep. I somehow managed to get onto my feet and stay on my feet. I fought the current and made my way to shore. The rest of the group took a moment to say "I told you so! You should have got the mattress! This is one of the craziest things ever said to me! Truth is I should not have bought any flotation devise. I should have brought a book and sat myself down , dangled my feet into the river and just chilled! They reorganized, got unsnagged and went off down the river. Picture this in your mind. Can you see them sitting ever so primly up on their mattresses and shooting down the river? I was afraid that I would never see them again. About half way down, Brent decided that he could float over a fallen tree and blew out the bottom of his mattress. It was a good thing he was just outside of Bragg Creek so he had to pull over and wait about a half an hour for his rescue.

After all that excitement, wine and cheese in the hot tub under the pines...well simply decadent! We did keep our eyes out for cougars in the pines! We kind of look like cougar soup here.

Those are not cougars in my bed! They are very strange looking creatures but don't worry, they just are my brothers cats, Cosmo and Hitch. Hitch was named after Alfred Hitchcock. It is very appropriate and he has quite a tummy and is bald. They are hairless cats, Sphinx's to be more specific.

After the break-in at my brothers house a week ago, Cosmo has become somewhat unhinged. He has a tendency to go berserk and flip into attack mode. We were told that if he spits and growls to back away and try to get into another room and close the door if we value our skin at all. I had got up in the morning and he was ever so loving, rubbing his head on me and purring and drooling. He followed me into the bathroom and was determined to stay while I showered. Fool that I am, I let him. He perched up on the vanity and claimed my cloths for himself. He seemed to be loving them just as much as he had been loving me. When I went to reach for my underwear...SPIT! HISS! GROOOWL..Ca Ca FISSST! I had nowhere to go. I could not leave the room as I was naked! I backed away, heart in my throat, my poor naked flesh vulnerable. I managed to pull the door open and hide myself behind it. I waited. I waited some more. It seemed like an eternity. Finally...thud!...away he went. Slam! I closed the door as fast as I could. Poor Cosmo! He is a little psycho. You can be sure, I did not allow myself to be lured into being cornered by him again. No chancy!


jientje said...

My sister once had a cat with a similar character. I think he was called Gizmo.
Well, it's similar to Cosmo, isn't it? Never mind the cat, you had a wonderful time. I can tell!

Bientje said...

I am the one with the crazy cat, and it was called Vlammy... very psycho! She could run up the walls! If it were a human they would have put her away somewhere in an asylum!
I think your picture is on someone's blog right now! Hehehehehe
It is fun to read your stories!

Christine said...

There seems to be some dispute on the name of the crazy cat. LOL

Fluffy said...

You would never catch me going down a river like that. Love the Sphinx. I haven't seen any in years. You should knit them sweaters!

Margaret said...

I would have loved to be on that river trip. I laughed so hard reading this blog. It was almost like I was a spectator. It's too bad you can't get that picture.

As for the cat, I would never share a room with something that has a reputation of being a psycho, hairless, attack animal.

Sandy C. said...

The river tubes sound like fun! I'm so bummed there are no pics of your tube replacement ;)

I'm so sorry your Brother's place was broken into. There have been break ins near us as well, and our dog is totally on edge.

Becky said...

There is a picture of her "tube". It's that armchair looking thing in the picture of all of us blowing up our air mattresses.

Eve said...

Those are probably the ugliest cats I have ever seen! No wonder Cosmo is psycho. I wish I could have seen you spinning down the river in your blow-up chair. What a hoot!