Sunday, June 08, 2008



I can hear his mother say. I jump out of my chair and come running to see what the damage is. From the particular pitch his mothers voice has attained, I am expecting a real mess. I figured at the very least he had managed to pour out a bottle of corn syrup or something. I round the corner. I laugh. "Thats it?... Just toilet paper?" Maybe it was a whole roll, but really... even though Sam's middle name should have been:


When you have a big brother who is so rational and helpful...
Who even demonstrates how to roll it back on...
And proceeds to roll it back up...sort of...well it is still usable...
Hey!...Is Trouble scoping out the shampoo? It doesn't look like Trouble is paying attention!

Anyway... it was decided, seeing how fascinated Trouble was with the bathroom, that maybe a bath would keep him out of living up to his should be middle name.

I guess not!

I haven't posted for a few days. I have been very busy working almost full time and learning a whole new job. It has been a bit of a bumpy ride. When I come home, I am physically tired and mentally spent. It is hard to teach an old brain new things. It seems the more I focus on trying to assimilate the new things that I need to learn the more I screw up the easy things that I know or in other words the harder I try the worse I perform. It didn't help matters that on Friday the computer program that we use was glitching due to changes I.T. was doing. I was frustrated to tears...only about maybe three or maybe four tears. I managed to get my big girl panties on! Fast! This is a very humbling experience because I ace my mail room job.

I was very, very, very happy when Friday 4:30 came along and was met by my husband, daughter and two grandsons right outside the front doors of the hospital. They took me to Kingsman Park and we went of the train ride, carousel and ferris wheel. It didn't even matter too much that I was still wearing the gray man shirt that I am required to wear at work. I will not be posting any pictures of me wearing this very unflattering shirt. It makes my arms look humongous and the color is awful.

Today, we went to the town parade. It was a blast! I will do a post on that later. This post is getting long enough. Anyway...thank goodness for grandkids! They have restored me. They make me laugh and they give great hugs.

The bake sale fund raiser is going great. More about that later as well.

I may be a bit sporadic with my posts in the next month and with comments at blog sites I visit. I have been coming around but sometimes either I am to tired to even think of what to say or I don't have time.


Margaret said...

I am such a bad blogger. i wish I was a diligent as you are. I am hoping that when school is finally out I will have more time. With the year end push, track meets, band trips, Capernwray Camp trips, and all that goes with year end at a school. I am almost always ready for some beach time when I get home.
I do enjoy reading yours and Becky's though.

Sandy C. said...

It's so great to see that my daughter's behavior is TOTALLY normal ;) She's done the unroll and Re-roll, without any partner in crime to assist. One day a toy company will have to come up with something as fascinating as a roll of TP!

ROFL at the bathtub bar :)

Sounds like work has been quite hectic for you. I hope the road to learning new things smooths out for you soon.

The Invisible Mo said...

Ahhhh, boys! I miss mine being little sometimes. They always thought of some of the most interesting things to do.

The Invisible Mo said...

Ahhhh, boys! I miss mine being little sometimes. They always thought of some of the most interesting things to do.

Becky said...

Today Dad was watching the boys outside while I packed up to go home and every now and then I'd hear... "Sammy! No!" and then Sam making that mad sound he makes. LOL. So it's not just me.

jientje said...

I'm a bad blogger myself! I've read this post five times maybe, but haven't commented yet! shame on me!!!
Your grandkids are so full of life, hehehehe!
I'm so tired myself, i think I'll turn in now! Three more hours at work, and then I can start packing suitcases!!! yaaay! see you!

Fluffy said...

Reminds me of when my first two were little. Most of the trouble Jenn got in was instigated by her brother.