Friday, June 13, 2008

It's All Good News

Wow! The bake sale that the kids worked so hard at went very well last weekend. I want to thank everybody that donated baking and bought baking and a special thank you to Melissa who coordinated the whole thing. A whopping $1,500 was raised! John and I are overwhelmed with all the care and generosity that was shown. A very special thank you to Jonathan's ball team and the Camsell family.

Today John's brother Art phoned and there are not one but three matches amid the nine siblings that were tested for stem cell donation. Double Wow!

We had a very action packed weekend. We enjoyed Buster Days. The parade did not disappoint.

Bring it on!

Police with sirens

Local Dignitaries

Marching Bands


Even the casino from around about Saskatoon was represented...throwing candy to the children. Hmmm...

Best of all: loud fire trucks!

Very loud fire trucks

And of coarse...the mandatory traffic jam after the parade

We had so much fun...we watched it twice! I hope you enjoyed it too.


jientje said...

I was just closing down my computer when your comment came in!!! We're just about to leave now, and when I will hear that song tonight, I'll visualize what you wrote!! And it will make me giggle ... again!!!
See you in two weeks, take care, hugs!!!!

Fluffy said...

I'm trying to catch up. Reisterstown has a parade in Sept.
Every little (or big) group in town would be in it so it was a lot of fun. This is followed by a two day festival.

Sandy C. said...

Wow! Sounds like the bake sale was a HUGE success! Love the pics from the parade. Especially the kids covering their ears as the fire trucks came by :)

footsack said...

Eight siblings? I thought all nine of us were tested.
I was very excited also to hear that there were 3 matches, even though I was not one of them.
Glad to hear you did so well on your bake sale. That is amazing!!

Christine said...

I just learned that all nine did get kits and were tested! Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry for the mistake. I fixed it. We were excited to know that there were three matches as well.

Eve said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun at the parade. Glad things are going so well.

The Invisible Mo said...

I think small town parades are the best in the world. They are so unassuming and full of fun. I miss having those. We have our big Daffodil parade every year (and a kids version the week before it) and I hardly ever go because I forget now that I don't have any kids in the band.
I'm glad your bake sale went well. Oh, and by the way, I personally think you should just pack the cat tree in your luggage (they make bags that big, right?) when you come to Seattle.
I'll pay the fare for it. haha

Margaret said...

Hi Chris,
Sorry I haven't visited here recently, my internet has been down for a few days and I just got it running again. I am so happy about the bake sale and even more happy about the three matches for John's stem cells. I haven't officially heard from them. I changed my phone number, but called them and left a message with the woman in charge. She hasn't called me back so maybe I'll call her again. Anyway, I am very happy that you have three possibilities. That is good news.

Margaret said...

I forgot to mention how great it was to see Martensville in those pictures of the parade. And that 9 car traffic jam made me smile, too.

Fluffy said...

I keep forgetting. I'm a senile old lady. Well, thinking is no longer a requirement. I still haven't checked my sci fi. My son is 6' 5". My Daddy was 6' 5 1/2" and my brothers are only 6' 2" and 6' 4" and their sons aren't that tall either. So there. I did it and they didn't.