Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Essay

I have been meaning to make a new post this weekend...something that had a little effort in it...something interesting...well written...maybe even riveting. Seeing that it is late Sunday evening and I am tired, that will have to wait for another day. This is how my weekend went:


Friday counts as part of the weekend because I didn't have to work. I got up in the morning and got caught up on the dishes...vacuumed and washed the floors. ( are you entertained yet?) After that John and I went to town and took my mom bra shopping. Well he dropped us off. I am not that cruel as to make him come in with us. I took her to Sears. They are excellent at fitting bras. I deserted her with the nice and helpful clerk. She did an excellent job and " found her a bra that puts everything in its proper place on her body and looks attractive as well" Giggle! Mom must have told her that she was unhappy where her girls were sitting. I should have stayed. That conversation would have been interesting to say the least. After that we went to Wal Mart where John got a pair of new pants, shorts and more squirt guns. He plans on having a lot of water fights this summer. He now has three guns. Mom got some new drinking glasses and bath mats. I got nothing. We went for lunch. We went to the Irish place on Arlington Ave. They must buy all their dishes at Salvation Army. Nothing matches. Mom's glass said Seasons Greetings! She kept staring at it...looking at me...staring again...looking at me and so on and so forth. Finally she read it out loud "S E A S O NS G R E A T I N G S?" Hahaha! Not one dish, not one chair and not one table is the same. How was the food? Great! It always is there. That's why we keep going back. After we took Mom home we went out bicycle shopping. I bought a new bicycle. We came home and went out for a nice ride. We are going to get out on a regular basis. I think John will get out more if I go with him and we both need the exercise. It is the nicest bike I have ever owned! I am going to get a little basket for it then I can take my camera with and maybe get some nice pictures. Somewhere in all of this, we took the dog swimming.

BTW...John is sleeping in front of the TV. He is holding the remote. He has just changed the channel twice and now he has his hand on the volume control. Excuse me for a second. He didn't even wake himself up that time! I should bring in one of those squirt guns he owns and let him have it when that happens. I could do some target practice. Hahaha! It is so tempting! You would not believe how tempted I am. I wonder if he would get mad?


We went car shopping with Angela. We found a vehicle that she is excited about. Really excited! I will let her post about all of that. I am tempted though. We went for lunch. In the evening, we went to the stock car races. I forgot my camera. They lasted five hours so we did not get home until mid-night. This played us out. I slept in until 11:30!


Well the day started so late! We missed church. I did more housework and laundry. Ye-ha! I live such an exciting life. If you are still reading this post...hmmm...I would say that your life is probably not much more exciting than mine! We went to Jonathan's and Melissa's for a bar-b-que this evening. That was nice. Now it is back to the grind tomorrow. All in all, not a bad weekend at all. I think I will go and have some ice cream now in lieu of squirting John. I have to give into some temptation and that one is probably the best of my options. Do you think?


Trav said...

i think i speak for everybody but uncle john when i say SQUIRT GUN!!!

The Invisible Mo said...

Yeah, the squirt gun thing would be kind of funny. Well, maybe John wouldn't think so, but I do.
I thought your blog was interesting, but then I like life's everyday qualities. I need to go to Walmart, but man, I hate shopping. haha.

Sandy C. said...

I'm thinking the squirt gun would be far more satisfying! I'd say you can do both seeing how you didn't buy anything ;)

"she was unhappy where her girls were sitting." -LOL! She sounds like a hoot! I'm still waiting for my "girls" to grow up :(

Becky said...

I would have gone with the quirt gun and some icecream afterwards as a reward for a job well done.

Eve said...

Yes, I read it all the way to the end. And yes, again, my life is more boring than yours. I got some new bras recently. Like your mom I was unhappy where the girls were sitting. It's nice to have them out front again. They have a tendency to hide in my armpits the last few years.

Sue said...

This was very entertaining Chris.
If you had opted for the squirt gun you could have had a double scoop of ice cream because of the extra calories you would have burned off running away from John. Twice the fun!
Mind would really have to watch your back then.

Sue said...

This was very entertaining Chris.
If you had opted for the squirt gun you could have had a double scoop of ice cream because of the extra calories you would have burned off running away from John. Twice the fun!
Mind would really have to watch your back then.

Christine said...

Oh...he would get even. I would have to be watching my back all summer!

Bientje said...

I have been reading your post all the way until the very end because I like reading here. And I also like the qualities of everyday life. They can be very entertaining when well written.
I had a good laugh with 'the girls' and Eve's comment on it...
Can't wait for the riveting story though.. hehehe

footsack said...

I also thought it quite a good post:)
I would love to join you guys for some good water fights out there. Sounds like it would be a blast :)
(no pun intended)

John said...

Yes, John would have been mad at being woke up in such a cruel way, and I will in the future as well. Don't do it. Resist, resist I say.

John said...
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Fluffy said...

I have to stay in this morning and wait for the plumber so I am trying to catch up on my reading. I am so ashamed of myself, but the weather has been fabulous for the last couple of weeks. I like to be OUT, not IN.
I found a great bra a few years ago that keeps the girls nicely in place. The only trouble is, I now get food on me because they are RIGHT THERE. You know what I mean?