Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tagged On Iowa Avenue

Ask The Dietitian tagged me for a 6 word or less memoir so I choose:

You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made:

Each person sees the world through a certain lens or has a certain world view that shapes who they are and effects the way their life plays out. I would say that I see things through a biblical lens.

It is my belief that we have not evolved but have been created. The human body is amazing and I just can't see how it could have possibly come together in the primordial soup so to speak. I know that there are many others that strongly believe in evolution and it is not my intent to try to prove creation here. It is impossible anyway, at least from a scientific perspective. The reason this belief is so important to me is the fact that as one who has been designed and shaped so fearfully and wonderful, it only goes to reason that I should take care of this treasure of a body that has been given to me and be grateful. So often we take for granted what we have been given. Often I hear people put down their shape or appearance.. They may not like their double chin, their junk in the trunk or their chicken legs. I think that if people were to realize that God knit them together in their mothers womb and knows how many hairs are on their heads at any given time they may just gain a whole new perspective about their bodies. It's all about learning to respect the design, in other words, it is not OK for the body (or soul) to sit around and stuff ourselves with a bunch of unhealthy junk a lot of the time or be overly critical of of the unique designs that we are. Seriously, your nose looks just fine as it is and your eyes are not too squinty!

My take on evolution, is that it is all about the survival of the fittest. You may be tempted to tell me to make sure that I am very fit. Good point! Yet it creates difficulties in my mind. The problem I have with the theory of evolution is the fact that I have a few genetic strikes against me and according to the laws of evolution should maybe not have bore children. Probably...most people would fall in this category. Few people would be actually allowed to breed. I think that this has been tried by at least one nation and was disastrous and diabolical.

When I look at nature, I do not see animal eat animal. I see amazing design. When I look at people, I do not see a descendant of apes. I see utterly amazing, unique, wonderful and beautiful creations...warts and all!

Just a little disclaimer here...warts are a virus and seeing how it is not an actual part of you, it is perfectly acceptable to have them removed. I may accept you warty but you do not have to keep them if you choose not to.

That all being said and done I now pass the baton...hey this is kind of like a relay race!


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Becky said...

Awe for... Do you not remember how the last tag went? Actually... That reminds me...

Eve said...

I agree with every word you said and appreciate the way you said it. Thanks for sharing this fundamental truth.

The Invisible Mo said...

I will try to do this tomorrow. If not tomorrow then soon. I promise!