Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mood, Garden And Reno

It never fails to amaze me on how sunshine effects moods. Last week I felt so terribly depressed. It seemed that there was nothing to look forward to. I know that the next year holds a lot of challenges but usually I manage to stay somewhat positive and know that things do have a way of working out. Last week I felt that nothing would work out and that life in general was futile. With a day of sunshine, my whole outlook has improved and I know that we will manage.

Yesterday I applied for a job doing light assembly in a first aide kit production place. I am hoping to get something for May and June in order to sock some money away for our possible trip to Seattle. I have hours booked at the hospital for July and will be probably getting some more for the summer. I do hope to keep a little time free to vacation. My goal is to save $3,000. I already have $3,000 so that puts us at $6,000. That is very close to the $7,000 that I think it will take. See! Not impossible at all. If I don't get the production line thing I will apply at the teleservice center and be a bill collector. They will hire people on the spot. Apparently they tend to treat their staff like kindergarten babies and it is likely that my boss may be only 19 years old but I think that I could do it for a little while. Seriously, most people don't last more than three months.

Today I got the house cleaned. After feeling so despondent and unmotivated last week, it needed that. John, Angela and I went out for lunch. (If you could call McDonalds lunch!) Ha! it was my idea. I had a strange craving for cheeseburgers and fries all week. That is probably a residue of my depressed state. After that we went to Canadian Tire where John bought a drill press on sale. I got some Dahlias and Anemones and Freesia for the front rock garden. Don't they look colorful?

Then we went to the Co-op to get a new suspended ceiling for the basement bathroom. Now we can get all the reno finished before Angela moves back home next week. John is down in the basement now getting the ceiling ready. He has to remove the lower beams that held the old ceiling on. He says: " that because he installed the old ceiling so well that he could have hung a truck up on it" and "basically removing all of that is a bitch". Hehehe! I love it when he talks like that and he has a hammer in his hand. It all sounds so normal because it is so normal.

Becky and Angela painted the spare room. They taped the ceiling tiles. When they removed the tape they were left with this mess. Now we have to try to paint it away. We are going to put some quarter round up there but that won't cover all of the flaws. The ceiling did need to be freshened up anyway. We are hoping to get it finished by the weekend so Angie can just move her stuff in.


Sue said...

Wow! you guys are busy. I like the paint color.

I'm glad your feeling better and things seem normal. Normal is nice.

Margaret said...

I love reading your blog when everything just seems like day-to-day stuff. I look forward to being entertained (like Becky's blog) instead of looking for news on how John is doing. I am also glad that you got some sunshine. It is such a quick picker-upper. We continue to pray for you and for John.

Jenni said...

Ah, the joys of renovations! We remodeled our house while we had 3 little ones. Not fun!

Thanks for de-lurking at my blog. Look forward to getting to know you.

Bientje said...

Hi Christine,
It is surprising what a little sunshine can do to you, isn't it?
You will manage! You have the right kind of positive spirit!

footsack said...

Wow you guys are busy! I also love the paint color but I hate when you go to so much work and then it doesn't turn out the way you hoped. That sucks.
I am also amazed at how much the weather can affect my mood. I just want some nice hot weather already. Really hot!

Eve said...

Our sunshine has turned itself off again. We're having a couple days of "possible showers, snow in the higher elevations." But, by Saturday the temperature is supposed to be 65F. I'm looking forward to that. While I was in Twin Falls/Buhl I only wore my coat when going out after dark. It was wonderful.

I'm glad your sunshine has reappeared. It sounds like you are having lots of "fun" getting everything fixed up. We will be starting some renovations soon, too. Our house is stuck in the 60's. Lots of paneling and the master bathroom has harvest gold fixtures. I keep telling my daughter it could be worse - they could have gone for the other favorite color - avocado! lol I'll be calling you for advice.

The Invisible Mo said...

I'm glad the sunshine perked you up. It tends to do that to a lot of people. It's understandable that you go through some depressed periods because you have so much on your plate, so it's nice you're feeling better. It reminds me of that Beatles song, "Here Comes the Sun".
I finally got some good cleaning done in my house, too. My living room still looks like a warehouse, but the rest is coming along. I'm not worrying about the living room until I get it painted, so we are taking everything we don't want in the other rooms and putting it in the living room for now. It literally looks like a self-storage unit. I'm either having a garage sale or doing some stuff on Craigslist.
I love remodeling and I've always lived in fixers, but I'm setting a goal to have most things done in my house by summer. I'm finally tired of constantly working on projects. I'm ready to be done, so I'm taking my procrastination by the horns and getting things done. The closer I get, the easier it gets.
About the painting. If you learn how to cut with the brush, you can eliminate taping in spots like that, so that you don't ruin the surface. It's not that hard to learn to cut. I learned it a long time ago and you don't know how many times I've been offered painting jobs. The one guy was practically begging when he saw me painting my kitchen. I had painted the ceiling white and the walls a denim blue and he was very impressed when he saw me painting without tape. It's a real asset to know this technique and you never have to tape. I only tape now if I feel lazy and don't want to take the time to cut the paint in. I'm sure you can find instructions online somewhere.

The Invisible Mo said...

So when I opened my AOL today they had this article on the welcome page, "How to Paint Without Tape".
It's an article by Eric Strommer. Here is the link to the step-by-step, but there is also a video.

Click here for the step-by-step

Becky said...

I did not remove the tape, nor did I put it up. I told Ang to do it. Heh heh. Not because I can't paint without tape, but because I am a lazy bones. If we had ever thought it would have done that I would have done it without. I'm thinking it might have been a good idea to do a little test strip. Whoops.

On the upside... I don't live there.


Flower seeds and a drill press hey? No wonder you sound perkier today!

Becky said...

(It's really too bad we didn't use the skinny tape hey?)

Christine said...

Its no big deal. the quarter round strips will cover most of it and we needed to put it up to help hold the ceiling up. We are going to do the other spare room too. It will look nice when it is finished. I think I will have a look see at the link you provided Sheila.I am sure that I could stand to learn some helpful stuff to make panting easier. Thanks for the link.

Sandy C. said...

Wow! You are some busy bees :) I love the way weather can boost your emotions and energy.

Did you use painters tape???? (The blue kind). I found that the key to getting the least damage is by peeling off the tape when the paint is still wet.