Saturday, April 26, 2008

Moving Day

Stupid snow! What would be a moving day without snow? This should be such fun for all involved. The reno in the basement is not finished and it is a mess. John is going to go take care of Noah this afternoon because we figured that I would be needed more here. List of things to do this morning:

1. Shovel snow so it is not tracked in and repeat the process if it starts snowing more which it may as it says in the forecast. Have you ever noticed that the weatherman can always be relied on to be telling the truth when he forecasts bad weather but when he forecasts good weather it never seems to come to pass somehow?

2. Clean up construction materials and painting junk and vacuum basement. All this stuff is sitting out in the middle of the way. Finding a place to stash it temporarily so that it is handy for my handyman to resume the reno will be tricky.

3. Clean the bathroom. Due to the construction dust is clinging to everything. It seems kind of an exercise in futility but John promises the messy stuff is done.

4. Do the supper dishes. Yes my supper dishes are still hanging around. I worked yesterday so I didn't have a lot of extra energy. Excuses! Excuses! LOL

5. Go to the store and find something to feed all the movers and make lunch for everybody. I wish I had had the foresight to make a large pot of chile in advance. I think that they will have to do with soup and sandwiches and cookies.

6. Have a cup of coffee and think about the list. I am sure that I am missing some vital chore. Coffee helps me procrastinate. Did I write that? I meant to say think!

7. See the coffee helped. FEED THE CATS!


Eve said...

Of course it's snowing on moving day. What better time?

I see blue skies and sunshine out my window this morning. I'm going to take a walk!

footsack said...

The snow can be a real pain but at least it's not -25 or something horrible.
Hope everything goes well.

Christine said...

The sun is shining now so that helps. Thank goodness it is not raining! I finished my list and it is only 11:30. Whew! and Yippie! I already need a rest. The old gray mare ain't what she used to be.

The Invisible Mo said...

1. I remember one time these friends of mine moved up here in November (the sixth) and it snowed like crazy, which is unusual around here. It was a mess! haha.

2. I have that kind of stuff sitting around, too, and it is one of the main reasons I can't wait to be done. I can't wait to get all the tools and such back out in the garage where they belong.

3. I just finally got my bathroom all done on the sink side. I still have the other side to go, though. I think I will staple plastic up while I sand the walls on that side to reduce the dust.

4. I don't do dishes everyday. We usually eat on paper plates, so I wait until a decent amount of washable dishes appears.

5. I used to make several types of sandwiches (peanut butter, tuna, lunchmeat) and cut them in quarters and put them on a big platter. Then I cut up fruit (apples, bananas, oranges) and put them on a big plate. I filled a bowl with some kind of chips. I placed all three on the table and just let everyone help themselves. The soup is a good idea to add. I'll try that next time. I used to serve lunch that way to my kids all the time. (the five boys, after the girls were grown.) They loved it.

6. Coffee is a great tool to help us procrastinate. Oh wait, I mean think. I use it all the time! It works especially well if you add a mean if you add cream.

7. I'm getting two kittens in about a week. Then I will have to remember to feed the cats!

Christine said...

Sheila, good idea on the plastic shield. At least the dust stayed in the bathroom. It is going to look nice when it is finished. I should have taken a before picture. I hope you take pictures of the kittens. Loved comment 6. LOL

Sandy C. said...

Snow? Oh geez! I'm so sorry to hear. I hope everything went smoothly and stayed dry.

Sue said...

Talked to John this morning in church. He said she's all moved in. It'll be good to have her home this summer eh?

Fluffy said...

Maude, Zip, AND Elvis are in agreement here---FEED THE CATS should be No. 1.

Toad said...

ha ha ha feed the cats. don't worry, they will let you know if you forget. shyla starts eating plastic and all the knobs off the door stoppers and libby lays on her back and meows. oh wait she does that all the time.

jientje said...

So funny! I forget to feed the cat from time to time too, and the coffee helps, oh yes!!

amy said...


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