Sunday, April 20, 2008

Life Is So Exciting!

Drat that elusive piece of hair hanging down over my eyes! I can't seem to find it to remove it. Three times now I have removed my glasses and done a general sweep across my face, returned my glasses to their perch on my nose only to have missed it somehow. Phutt...phutt! Trying to blow it away is not working either.

This is just adding to my grumpy mood. Drat! Phutt! I just about broke my hip this morning as I slid across the icy decking when I let the dog out. The dog almost broke his hip as he ripped out of the house past me in his manic pursuit of birds. He did a whole 360 then landed on his side. I did the slide and arm windmill thing. Whew! I managed to stay on my feet somehow.

One positive thing: Jonathan managed to rid our computer of the virus John downloaded. Because John is foaming at the mouth over the cost of renewing his Norton so he decided that he would download a free anti-virus program. He downloaded XP anti-virus which is a virus. Hilarious! The only way to get rid of it was to suck it up and renew his Norton and let it take it out. Sounds easy. Not! Thank goodness for Jonathan! This morning I am now pop up free! Apparently: "everybody knows that XP anti-virus is a virus" Jonathan keep lecturing me. I kept trying to tell him: "I did not do that!"

Well that is about as exciting as it gets around here. That probably is a good thing.


Eve said...

Getting a virus with your anti-virus is about as exciting as I'd ever want. Probably more so. Glad you didn't break your hip!!!!

Sue said...

Thanks for the virus info. I did not know that. THere you go John, you are not the only one who would have done such a thing.

About the birds...Did you have hundreds of Robins in your yard too?

Glad too that you didn't break your hip.

Margaret said...

David and Carolyn had a virus that completely crashed their computer.I am always worried that my girls will get a virus on their computer. I have my own so they can't take mine down so if they trash theirs they will have to wait until Tye can come home and fix it.

footsack said...

Virus's can be such nasty things. We also use Norton to keep ours up and going.
Ken had to go over and help David and Carolyn with their's. Thankfully Ken had the stuff to fix it.
How did we live before without computers??

Fluffy said...

Check out ebay. Various years of Norton are available at big discounts. That's how Doug got his.
About 10 or 15 years ago, we had a lot of ice storms. Our back yard was a sheet of ice for weeks. He would leap out the back door and see how far he could slid. He thought it was great fun.

Sandy C. said...

Oh I have one of those annoying little hairs too! They give me nasty headaches :(

So glad to hear you're pop-up free! Those are just as annoying as those elusive hairs ;)

jientje said...

I didn't !
... know about XP! I feel stupid, but I'm not a wizzard myself you know!

Christine said...

I didn't know either. Good rule of thumb...check before you download stuff. If you goggle xp antivirus...there it is...a virus!

The Invisible Mo said...

About the piece of hair. That happened to me one day. The hair was actually caught in the little nose protector thingies on my glasses. Check that.
Aren't grumpy moods fun? haha. Seems everything annoys us when we are a little grumpy. I'm glad I'm that way very seldom. I'm glad you didn't fall.
About the virus. Sometimes even an anti-virus program will miss the actual download of those kinds of viruses. They are pretty tricky and have ways of getting around the safety nets. It's always best before downloading anything to put it in a search engine without the http address and see what comes up. This is a good way to see if it is legitimate or not.
The XP anti-virus is mostly just a nuisance, giving you exactly what you think you are preventing.
There are actually several really good sites that give you step-by-step instructions for removal of that one. Here we get an anti-virus program complimentary with our cable's highspeed internet.