Thursday, April 17, 2008

Garden Today...Snow tomorrow!

It got to a pleasant 17C. outside today. I did manage to go out and do some yard clean up. I worked on the shrub garden that I put in last year after we took out the spruce trees. I had to reseed a portion of the lawn and some of the seeds had got into where they did not belong so I dug all that up. You can hardly see my poor baby shrubs but I checked them and they did survive winter and are getting buds. The lawn is starting to green up.

I still have a lot of work to do. The hedge is full of garbage and the driveway needs sweeping.

Last year I had dismantled my rock garden because we were going to build a large porch. I dug up all the plants and moved them. We did not build a new porch. This spring we have to shingle the roof. There will be no funds for a new porch. I have started to rebuild the rock garden. I will stick a bunch of petunias there.

John is outside taking the Christmas lights down. Tomorrow I have to go in and work a shift. I would not be able to go out anyway and do anymore cleanup because it is going to snow so I don't mind that I have to go and work. I am getting quite spoiled by this life of retirement.

I had better go and enjoy the cabin house while I can. Becky dusted and cleaned it while she was here last week. I got all the chair covers and cushions out. I may have been a little premature. I copied the following report off the weather network! This is tragic!

Massive late winter storm likely to bury much of
southern and Central Saskatchewan this weekend
into early next week....

An intense low pressure system will develop over
the northern U.S during the next few days and slowly
track through the central prairies into early next week.
This system has the potential to
produce widespread blizzard conditions
with excessive amounts of wet
snow and poor visibilities to a large portion
of southwestern and central Saskatchewan from
Saturday right on into Tuesday. The various computer
models are all pointing to the same solution
with heavy wet snow and strong winds expected for
much of southern and central Saskatchewan so confidence
of a major winter storm for portions of the region
is quite high. The location of the heaviest
amounts of snow is still uncertain at this time but there is a
potential for 50 or more centimetres of heavy wet snow over western
and central areas of the province from Saturday until the snow
gradually tapers off during the day on Tuesday. As well strong
northerly winds will likely produce near zero visibilities in snow
and blowing snow over much of the area. Travel may become nearly
impossible Sunday and Monday. Southeastern areas of the province
will initially be on the relatively milder side of this system so any
precipitation should remain as rain for areas near Regina and
southeast but those areas should see the precipitation change over to
wet snow on Monday as well. We will continue to monitor the
development of this system over the next few days and watches and
warnings will be issued later in the week as the details of this
massive winter storm evolves.


Yikes! We took our winter tires off! Go figure!


The Invisible Mo said...

Someone was saying snow here this weekend, also. I am not sure about that. Today it is warm and I'm about to go outside and do some stuff out there that needs doing. Yesterday I was able to clean out under the rhodies and most of the flower bed in front of them. Today I want to switch gears and sweep the patio area down. It is awful! (Dang cedar tree next door. Love the tree, hate the riff-raff.) I hope you don't get too much snow.

Sue said...

Last saturday we had +24 and this Saturday is supposed to be -3 with a snowstorm.
I can't believe it. Well I do believe it... because this is Saskatchewan by the way.

I was going to go out and do some work in my flowerbeds but thought my poor little plants might need some insulation this weekend so I left it all.

jientje said...

Oh , I wanted to see a picture of the coffeemugs on the barberque? You know, the ones that get frozen during winter? No doubt you took them inside already! Too bad, maybe next year?

Margaret said...

Our temps are going to be quite low this weekend, too. If there is going to be moisture, it could fall as snow. +3 is cold enough for snow. I am so impatient for summer and sitting at the beach.

Eve said...

We had a few warmer days, but the forecast says we are getting cold air from Canada for the weekend and into next week. Possibility of snow on Sunday.

Aspergertopia said...

I can't believe it! I just can't believe it! But I am looking outside right now...and it appears to be starting.

Stay cozy!

Fluffy said...

So. Did it snow? We're supposed to get rain tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some more knitting done.

Sandy C. said...

Ack! Snow? I'm sorry :( It's finally warmed up her a little during the day. I hope the weather doesn't get to bad for you.