Monday, November 12, 2007

Random Questions and a Rant

Random Question: Why are the cows around my town mooing day and night? I have never noticed this phenomenon before. I kid you not. For the last three days, every time I went outside I could hear them... quite loudly... and I wonder when they sleep. Are they sick? Are they sad? Are they hungry? This has been driving me crazy...and then...this morning I could no longer hear them! Why the sudden quiet? Are they dead? Have they been put into the barn? I have been tempted to go and see if I could find them. Is this normal?

Random Question: Why am I eating Cheetos for breakfast? Why am I eating Cheetos while typing? This doesn't work well. I am getting cheese all over the keys!

Random Question: Why did I not scoop up the dogs logs before it snowed? No further comment.

Random Question: Is the printer out of ink or is it broken?

Random Rant: This rant is regarding Face Book and I will try to keep it short. Hang on for a second while I try to properly work myself into rant mode. It takes a moment to transfer myself from question mode into rant mode. I am one of those people who get on a roll and have trouble stopping. My problem is not with Face Book itself but with the fact that once people get on there they seem to stop blogging. When you visit their Face Book page they don't usually write much there. Yes...I know I can check their status but all I can tell from that is that they are alive or at least almost alive. Yes...I can look at the pictures that are posted and we can write funny stories about each other. We can see if we are alike or not. This is all well and fine but NOBODY IS WRITING anything anymore! I have been as bewitched as everybody else. That must therefore be the root of the problem. Face Book is bewitching! Beware! That said I have a game of Scrabulous waiting...


Becky said...

1) I don't know.

2) They taste good.

3) It's gross and you don't want to.

4) It's out of ink.

There you go, now let's all just hope I didn't get the answers for questions one and two mixed up.

DabookLady said...

Hi there and thank you for stopping by my blogs, no problem go ahead and use the same on my 100, and yes refer to me please..It is a bit of work keeping it all up.. :)

DabookLady said...

Not sure on the cows, but maybe that's why the milk is so expensive these days as they are on strike? or creaming it up too much, or maybe just souring it up with all the mooing??? anyways I love out for the chees keys there? Maybe out of ink ???? gross indeedy for #2