Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Random From a Random Brain

Random Confession: I cheat at Scrabulous! It's true...I don't ever try to figure out words by myself. I head straight to the ole Cheat-o-Matic and if I am up to a bigger challenge...the Word Builder. The sad thing about this is that I loose anyway...usually very badly. I will also confess to the fact that I hate Scrabble. I would never sit down and play a whole game at once. Scrabble anybody? Hey...anybody??

Random Thought: Knitting Mittens...Knitting Mittens...Knitting mittens...Thanks a lot Corner Gas!

Random Warm Fuzzy: I love it when my three year old grandson "Ben" phones. The last phone call went like this:

Phone: ring ring
Me: Hello?
Ben: inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale
Me: Well, Hello Ben-jaa-man enthusiastic
Ben: Hello Grand-ma, How are you doing today? politely
Me: I am fine, thank-you very much. How are you today? cheerful
Ben: I am very good...I think. inhale...exhale...polite yet hesitant...can hear his mom in the background
Me: What are you doing? prompting
Ben: I am talking to my grand-ma! firmly
Me: Oh...I thought I heard your mother say "don't jump on the couch!" more prompting
Ben: I was jumping on the couch and she said no. cheerfully...inhale...exhale
Me: Oh.
Ben: Could my mom give me some of the candy? very hopeful
Me: Well...I don't know hesitant
Ben: I'm gonna go now distracted...By-by loud clunk followed by running footsteps

I am sure he was off on a candy quest. He often phones us (the grandparents) when he wants something. We are such a soft touch.

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Becky said...

Ben's cute. And sweet. I love him.