Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sane or Not

For my first NaBloPoMo post I will discuss my sanity. Who better to discuss this than with myself. Therefore follow the following conversation that is taking place in my brain:

Me: "Chris why are you joing NaBloPoMo?"

Me: "Because I was curious and had to follow Becky's link to this site to see what NaBloPoMo was."

Me: "Well you you didn't have to join!"

Me: "Yes I did...I always have to see if I have good enough computor skill to do what otheres find easy."

Me: "That doesn't make a lot of sense. Do you have time to blog for a whole month?"

Me: "Yes...If I do just one Puzzle Bee less or not build as many Towers..."

Me: "Right...and nobody said how long the posts have to be to count!"

Me: "You could also give up a cup of coffee a day."

Me: "What?"

Me: "Well...that is what the encyclopedia sales man used to tell you when he was asking you to do something difficult like pay for all those books...writing a blog a day will be difficult."

I have not resolved the sanity may have to read more about that later...especially if I can't think of anything to write about. You may have to read about boring topics such as knitting. Blame NaBloPoMo for that as they gave me the idea. There are people who blog about that in the blogging world. I am not sure how that is working for them.


DabookLady said...

Hi Chris I see you are like me "sane" and having fun with Nablopomo I think I spelled that right??? It is a great way to express and get people to come visit your blog, which I have too many. Nice to meet you and do come chat with me and explore my other blogs too... :) BTW i love your heading, can you tell me how to personalize blogger's heading? I have been wanting to do mine and not use the standard one offered.. Thank You

Becky said...

She doesn't know how to changed her header. LOL. I did it. I'm her daughter. How much do you know about your template? Have you changed anything else, like background colors and fonts, on your blog?

And Mom... You go girl. I will get you one rockin' Buck or Two prize if you manage to post every day till the end of November.

DabookLady said...

I am familiar with templates and HTMl codes a bit, I want to learn how to change the text and color too, I have been trying to follow the tips from "Dummies bloggerTips" but it is not coming out real great. I have a picture in the heading now but now I have to figure how to make it smaller.. :) I'm getting there, so how do you change the text and ???

Becky said...

It really depends on whether you've upgraded your template or not. If you have you should be able to change them by going from your dashboard to LAYOUT and then FONTS AND COLORS. Just click away. If you haven't upgraded your template, I would consider it, since it makes for a much more user friendly template.