Monday, November 26, 2007

Random Humor vs. Random Pets


I have always been jealous of Becky's tag for humor. My tag for humor is humor. Her tag for humor is, achickenwalksintoabar. Try to type that without using the space bar. Ha! Anyway...that would so work on over at the coop. Sigh...sigh... This is what my jealousy has reduced me to:

A chicken walks into a bar
The bartender says "We don't serve poultry here!"
The chicken says "Thats O.K., I only want a beer."


That is how Sammy laughs...Ha...a little later you may get another...Ha...


For todays pet menu I will serve you up a little Libby Brown Beans, also known as the "spawn of the devil". She has probably been the most favorite cat I have ever known. She was another rescued cat. As a kitten she had ADHD. She was so bad my daughter would beg me to take her for the weekend. She wore Shyla cat out. She would hang from Shyla's tail. Maybe that is why poor Shyla always tucks her tail and her feet in. She got into everything and wore me out like no toddler could. In the car to my house she borrowed into the sleeve of my coat. She went into the fireplace ashes...into the fish tank...sink...tub...cupboards...and up into the ceiling tiles of the basement. This cat has attitude. She stalks the people she hates. She purrs so hard that she chokes herself! She does not have the name "Brown Beans" for nothing. She loves me.


Toad said...

ah the spawn. she's not as bad anymore, but still worse than most cats.

it still cracks me up how much she hates mikey.

Christine said...

She is more needy now... those cookies are good...addictive like sunflower seeds.I am going to make some. They are small like nuts.