Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just a Plain Old Day vs, More Pets

Plain Day

I went to work...worked at work ...home from work. John is being nice to me and is making supper. Whew! I did not have a clue of what to make. I don't think that meat and toast would somehow cut it, so now I don't have to worry about it. Anyway...how are you all enjoying the blizzard? Got your shovels out? Becky do not tell me you have no snow! If it is not blizzarding a goodly blizzard say nothing at all. I finally for real had to get the boots out. My ankles got pretty cold wading through the snow at the back door. It took me over a half an hour to heave the snow over the hedge. I guess that is not too bad. You won't know by the morning that I had even shoveled. Hey, have you ever been so whiny that you annoy yourself?


This is Bug drinking and playing cards. She took my place when I opted out of the game to do more important things, like playing with Noah. Thanks Bug! You are a very amicable cat even if you did suckle yourself until you were three years old. This cat enjoys the good things in life. Sleeping and eating and laying in the clean laundry. Very laid back and mellow.

This is Celia. She lives with Bug. It took Celia a long, long time to decide that she liked me. If she can smell other cats on you she will hate you...then she won't forget it either...not for a long, long time! A couple of summers ago she came and stayed with us for about three months. She decided that she might as well like me or she would get no attention at all. She likes attention. She wants to sleep with you at night. She wants to groom you before you go to sleep. She starts this process by trying to clean your hair...slurp...slurp...slurp. I put the blankets over my head thinking that would fix the problem. Not! She just moters on around then goes for your eyebrows. LOL So now I have to put my whole head under the blankets. Then she decides that you need a back massage. That cat will give you a good work over. It doesn't work throwing her out of the room either! She makes such a ruckus that you might as well put up with the grooming.


Becky said...

I always annoy myself, but then, I'm very easily irritated.

Toad said...

the stupid celia. i will never forget when i was laying calmly then had my face attacked and scratched up. grrrrrrr.