Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Remember

I remember this rabbit! It was blue and was a boy. His name was Bunny. What else could he have been named? Silly! He got very old and ratty. My mom wanted to toss him. One day he went missing. I looked everywhere for him. I was inconsolable... heartbroken and traumatized. My Mom helped me find him. He was hiding in the very top of her closet. I could not figure out how he got up there. I wish I still had him. Noah, I understand your obsession!
I remember this dress! It was black and white. It had velvet flocking. It had a built in crinoline. It was a twirly dress. I was very happy in this picture. It was all about the dress. My mom kept my hair very short in the hope that it would thicken. Sorry didn't work. I was four years old at the time of this picture.
I remember this outfit. It was one of my favorites. It was very colorful. I wish I had a colored photo of this. The pants were pedal pushers. We were staying at a cabin at Green Water Falls. I do not remember the water falls but I do remember the outfit!
I remember this outfit! It was blue. I loved the bikini scarf. It had a gathered skirt. Don't you dig the glasses? I hated them. I wore my hair in a flip for years. I hated that too. Every time I went to the hair dresser that is what they would give me. I was convinced that they didn't know how to do anything else. I Think that I was around ten years old. Kent was sure cute. Scott was a geek. Ewww, we had to touch each other!
I liked these glasses much better. They were "Beatles" cool! The dress had neon colors. The bottom of the dress had orange , lime green and yellow stripes. You could probably have seen me coming for a mile away. I had dyed my hair. You can see the dye line. At least it was not a flip! I was wearing white lip stick. My glasses are hiding most of the eye make-up. If you look close you can see it. I was in grade eight. I find it so funny that I can't remember a lot of things but I can remember what I wore except for the first picture. That was all about the bunny! I think that the dress was really cute now. I wish I had it as well.


Becky said...

Awe Mom. You're so cute.

Toad said...

lol i loved this. man i wish i had those glasses of yours. i would wear them right now.

Sue said...

These pictures are awesome Chris. You were so cute. I can see a resemblance to all your kids in these.