Thursday, May 05, 2011

On Looking good

Life is strange and time does odd random things to you. You go to bed one night thinking you look one way and the very next morning wake up only to discover that it is not so. For a good example let us talk about my eyebrows. One day they were just fine and the next day they had gone all crazy and were starting to bush out like you see on some old men. Random hairs simply decided to stick straight up. Wetting them down and trying to get them to dry flat does not work.

Perhaps they are not as bad as this yet. YET! That is the thing. The way things are going with them I am so afraid that they could end up this way. All I can say is thank goodness I noticed in time. Can you imagine the fright I would have had if I woke up in the morning and had this looking back at me in the mirror? That would be a real life horror movie being played out right in the comfort of my own bathroom. See how creepy those eyebrows are in the picture. Can you imagine that staring back at you?




I decided to take action. Perhaps I can keep control of the situation with a little professional waxing and colouring? Yes? No? Maybe? Well it is an improvement but there are still little hairs that stick straight up. Tomorrow I am going to make a trip to Shoppers and get some more help in the form of eyebrow powder and wax. Gosh, I will glue those things down if I have to and while I am at it I will see if they have any product to help with my newly found hanging jowls and the bags under the eyes. They were fine the other day too. You young people, enjoy it while you can because seriously right are so good looking.

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Sue said...

those are quite the eyebrows. I have always had big eyebrows. probably because I don't take the time to pluck wax or get electrolysis done. Well i did actually have it done once by Margaret E. I almost cried through the whole procedure. The fact that my loving sister in law could cause me such pain was very difficult. It must have been a very hormonal day. Scheesh!!!! what a whoosy baby.
But I am more concerned about the jouls and the DEEP wrinkles. I can't believed hoe much I have aged in the last 6 months.