Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Accouterments

Spring has finally sprung here on the northern prairies. I thought it would never come... me and a bazillion other people that is. Along with its arrival have come all the wonderful spring accouterments. There are little yellow chicks and purple bunnies in the store as well as pastel candies and honking huge chocolate rabbits that I MUST NOT BUY! There are pot holes in the road that a 5 ton truck could get lost in, lakes where no lakes should be and a back yard full of dog droppings. Mysterious items appear in the ditch along side the road that weeks ago were hidden by five feet of snow. Yesterday I passed one super mysterious item. I have no idea what it was. It was long and coiled. It looked like a giant slinky. John would have know what it was. He would have commented on it. He would have said "Why look at that! That is a 1938 farndoogle that fit the top part of a yerdibaggle. Amazing! I wonder how that got there?" It is entirely possible that he would have stopped the car and got out to have a better look at it all the while I would have sat in the car rolling my eyes and wondering if we would ever reach our destination in my lifetime. An odd thing happened to me yesterday. I found myself compelled to stop the car and get out and look. John must be channelling me. I have not noticed this before but leave it to him not to do that except for really really important things. I did leave it in the ditch where it lay. He may have not been able to do that. At the very least he would have dragged it out for a better look. It is good to know that I still maintain some control over myself.

Yesterday was a lovely day. I drove out to my son's place in the country. My grandson was performing in a talent contest along with some of his classmates. It was the type of event that a grandma must attend. The grandson looks for the grandma and checks to see if she is appreciating it all appropriately with the proper amount of applause and big smiles of enjoyment. The program was wonderfully horrible. It was exactly what you would expect from a small community where the talent pool is minuscule. It was a celebration of mediocrity. Only one act was slightly embarrassing and that was because the singer really thought she was pretty darn good. The rest of the performers were under no delusions and adjusted their acts appropriately by becoming excellent comedians. My favourite act by far was the fancy Australian whip cracking unicyclist. read that correctly. She rode her unicycle all the awhile cracking her whips. Who would have thunk you would find such a talent out there in the middle of nowhere? John would have loved it. I miss him so much. I miss the sparkle that would have brought to his eyes. Everything was just so much more fun with him.


Becky said...

I can't come up with something to comment, but I wanted you to know I read it.


Sue said...

Sorry I am so late with my comments. I haven't visited any blogs for a while and if I do I am usually in such a hurry I don't comment.
I can so see John coming home with some piece of junk with a gleam in his eye and expecting everyone to be as excited as he is. I think it is funny that you stopped to look.
This world is not the same without him here.