Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Great Adventure On The Second Monday,Tuesday And Wednesday

Monday we left Laughlin and headed to Jackpot Nevada. It is right on the Nevada Idaho border. We stayed there Tuesday and today, Wednesday, we made our way to Helena Montana. We were back in winter before we got close to Jackpot. It really did not take long to leave summer behind.
Say goodbye to the last of the Palm Trees and the warm sun. This makes me want to cry. Today we drove through the mountains and it was blowing snow. The roads were a little icy but we got through safely. Tomorrow we are up very early and will be home late evening. We will stop in Sweetgrass at the duty free store and then that is the end of the great bus adventure. Actually, I will be glad to be home. I was starting to get home sick. I am not sure that I could take a bus trip that was much longer unless I took somebody from home with me. Maybe then it would be alright.

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