Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Great Adventure On Saturday

Saturday was a few days ago, like five! Oh my goodness. Time does fly. I am a little afraid that I have already forgot what we did on Saturday other than drive. Maybe the photos and the itinerary will help jog my memory. Be back in a second. I am going to browse my pictures. Oh ya! Friday was a good day. I got to pet donkeys. Does it get any better than that? Oh, did I mention that I went to Taco Bell for lunch. Now Becky would think that was better than petting donkeys but I liked the donkeys better even though it was a Taco Bell with Palm Trees.

Taco Bell

or more donkeys

Oppps, the ducks were Saturday. Donkeys Friday. Ducks Saturday. It is a good thing that all this fun got spread out a little. A person can only take so much excitement at one time. Anybody who knows me well, will tell you I am not being sarcastic but being entirely serious. I love donkeys and ducks. The greatest thing about the donkeys and ducks was that they came straight for you. Can you see the donkeys coming straight for me? I got so excited that I forgot to take more photos to show the whole sequence. The ducks all came straight for me too. All I did was unwrap a piece of gum and they all got up from their nap in the sun and came and gathered all around me. Eeeeeeee! I petted a duck too. O.K. Don't you all pass out with jealousy at once.

We took part of old Route 66 to get to Oatman. The road is in fairly rough shape but it was a pretty drive.

Desert plants.

Bank robbers

Mojave Desert on the way to Lake Havasu City

London Bridge (I somehow do not feel like I am in England)

Lake Havasu (It feels like summer)

Some shirtless dudes strutting the boardwalk. I was too chicken to take a picture of their fronts so I got a picture of their back sides. Hee hee. Didn't want them to think I was creepy. Hahahaha!

London Bridge connects to a little island which is populated with resorts and palm trees and sand.

After Havasu we went on to Quartzite Arizona. Along the way we saw where a lot of the snow birds land along the Colorado river. There were literally thousand upon thousands of Motor homes and fifth wheels parked in huge parking lots along the river for miles and miles. Although the weather is nice the way they were all crammed together did not appeal to me at all. When people have told me that they are taking their RV to Arizona for the winter, somehow that is not how I pictured it. The reality is not as nice as my imagination. Some people waved to the bus as we passed by.

At Quartzite we went to the market. I features 2,000 vendors. We had a half an hour because it was 4:30 and they close at 5:00. Very frustrating to be given only a half an hour! It seems that we tried to do too much in one day so all we did was ride the bus and were only let out for a little while at each stop. Note the huge cacti. I would have loved to get my picture with one but again, so much of what I saw was from the window of a bus. Frustrating. It would have been better off if we had not came to Quartzite so then we all would have not felt so let down. On a side note, I was in three states that day, Nevada, Arizona and California and in spite of the long drive I did have fun.

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