Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Great Adventure On Friday

Hi guys. I am going to have to make this quick as it is late and I am at good old Starbucks using there internet services seeing as how the hotel wants to charge me $12.00 a day for the privilege and I am not about to pay them that for the 15 minutes a day that I will spend on the internet. In all fairness it is not theirt fault because the provider that they have is the one calling the shots and they are the ones making the contract with the customers and collecting from their Credit cards and they can do it seeing as how they are the only provider here. And we thought we had monopolies in Canada. Hrmph!

Today I spent another eight hours on the bus. It was four hours to the grand canyon and four hours back. It was worth it. I have seen many pictures of the canyon but nothing can prepare a person for the immensity of the sight. It was breath taking and awesome. I did an hour hike along the rim and then took the shuttle bus back to the visitor center. We went to the National Park instead of going to the North Rim as it was cheaper. I wanted to take a helicopter tour but they take off from Grand Canyon Village airport and not the park. Rats!

I had steak and Lobster for supper. Yum. Baileys and coffee for desert. I was going to go for a walk outside and get some night photos of the Palm trees all lite up and all the bright lights of the casinos here. It really is something. The wether is very nice and I can walk around outside with a sweater. I won six dollars in the cassino yesterday so for now I actually am six dollars ahead. I did lose fifteen but it was free money that I lost not my own.

Tomorrow we are going to Lake Havasu, Oatman and some huge flea market. The day after is a trip to Vegas that I plan to pass on and stay here. I am hoping to take a boat tour down the Colorado River and just get out and walk around Laughlin. It really is very nice here and I wish I could spend a few days just here.

O.K.....Here are some pictures. Sorry for this quickly slapped together blog post. I am tired and need to go to bed so I can goes up in the morning and just can't think very good right now. I am sure I am missing so many good stories and had so much I wanted to say. I should have kept a notebook with me and wrote things down during travel time and then I would only have to sit down and type it out and not think buy know how it is.

This is right by the Arizona border. It looks like we are getting the finger.

That obelisk is way far down in the canyon, way down.

A very basic canyon picture.

I took lots of pictures but don't have time to do more tonight and they are probably boring to anybody else but me. I feel bad cause I did get some interesting pictures yesterday and have now missed detailing a whole day of the trip. I will try to do it later if only for myself. I have got to go to beds now. I am dizzy, I am so tired. I am not going to edit either. I can come back and do that later. Good night.


Christine said...

My goodness. That is barely comprehensible. LOL

Becky said...

I don't think you should edit it. It's awesome like that. lol

my word is redite. notice the word at the middle? ha ha ha

The Invisible Mo said...

Loved it. Nice picture of the canyon. That is one thing I want to do. Maybe next year you can come down here and you and I can drive down there together. Make a trip of it. Think about it. We could also go to San Francisco. I haven't been there in ages. Think about it.


Toad said...

lol thanks for the post mom. i'm glad you are having a good time.

Sue said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! Glad the weather warmed up for you!

Melanie said...

I had no idea this was occurring! You are amazing and I loved this post - I'm glad you didn't edit. I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon it just looks so breathtaking in every photo, I can only imagine what it must be like in person.

My word is audenest. Is that 'honest' if you have a sinus infection? Hmm. I always wonder if these are balderdash words. Lets see....googling.....nope. Gotta be the sinus infection.