Thursday, September 30, 2010

Puffed Wheat Cake

I made some.

That is about all I have to say about that topic because other than that, it is all I can think of about the puffed wheat at the moment. I have been away for a long time and I think I have lost all my blogging ability. I figured that I had to start somewhere. I plan on doing NaBloPoMo in November so I need to try to get up to snuff. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Speaking of snuff, have you ever wondered about it? All I know is from the movies. You see mainly men use it and they are all the slightly aristocratic and effeminate sorts, guys that also have the inevitable hanky hanging from their wrist. Maybe they need that for when they have the inevitable sneeze? I would not like to be the one who had to wash those snuff infested hankies. I have often wondered what ever possesed some person way back in history to put a tobacco product up their nose? I know that children often stick foreign items up their noses, but grown adult men? You know that a man did this first, one that had an overabundance of hankies going to waste. So up to snuff? On second thought, I should rephrase that. I can't ever see myself ever up to snuffing. I have enough problems with my sinuses.


The Invisible Mo said...

Wowza...those were some really random chickens! LOL

Carla said...

You made me chuckle with your comments about snuff. Thanks, I needed that. And thank you for inspiring me to do NaBlaPoMo next month. I've been neglecting my blog and it's just 'cause I'm lazy. I miss my blogger friends!

Avaelyn said...

I love puffed wheat cake. Can I come over and have some? I'm glad you blogged again. I'm glad you're doing NaBloPoMo again. I'd like to do it, but will I have the time? We'll see. I should try.