Thursday, September 30, 2010

Duff Rhymes With Snuff

If you have ever wondered about snuff, perhaps you have wondered about duff as well. If not, get off your duff and pay attention. This is vitally important information. Perhaps you life may not be dependant on it but you never know, sometime, somewhere this may come in handy. If for nothing else, the game Balderdash comes to mind. Duff is a pudding.

4 cups flour
2 pounds suet
1 cup sugar
1 cup molasses
1/2 pound raisins
t tablespoon baking powder

Apparently you mix up all the ingredients in a bowl, put the mix into a cloth bag and tie it up and then cook it for a half an hour in boiling water. I do not recommend trying this. Suet in my opinion is good only as bird food.

Duff is slang for buttocks. Duff is decaying leaves and branches covering a forest floor. Theoretically a person could fall on their duff, onto the duff while at the same time eating their duff which could attract a bear causing a person to move their duff at a rapid speed contrary to the proper thing to do if being confronted by a hungry bear which is to play dead. Duff is fine coal or slack. Duff is slang for pregnant. Perhaps long ago back in history people used to say: "Get off your pudding and get to work. I am hungry. When is the duff ready?" From there it was an easy transition to saying: get off your duff. Up the duff means pregnant. I maybe should leave this one alone and not let my mind contemplate how this could relate to pudding. Oops, too late.

Duff can be more than a noun. It can be a verb. To duff can mean to bungle. To duff can mean to beat somebody up. It can be an adjective. A person can be a duffer. Theoretically: A duffer duffed onto his duff on the duff spilling his duff then made an unwise decision and duffed the hungry bear then got duffed up but not made pregnant. That would be an act against nature and this is a nice blog. Duff rhymes with scuff.


Michaela said...

Well, hello! You are in a funny mood today! That's good to see. Where I come from (Australia), up the Duff means pregnant, and if you call someone a Duffer, it's a gentle word for doofus. Sillybilly is the same thing. xxoo

The Invisible Mo said...

So maybe tomorrow I should let Nikki know she is up the Duff! I think Chris is a bit of a duffer the last couple of days. Been enjoying that, though!


Bientje said...

So you're back Christine! How nice!
I enjoyed this!
Big hug,

Sue said...

That was good! I love reading your blogs!

Melanie said...

this made me giggle. too funny :)

footsack said...


sandra said...


sandra said...

Hello! I couldn't find my account number so I've the last day and a half trying to guess what it is.

sandra said...

I'm going to Bismarck next week and I am making myself crazy. No pun intended. I've been so much better the last several weeks that I feel confident enough in myself to go on a trip alone.

Eve said...

I did not know all of that about duff. Thanks for the chuckles.