Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is There Sadness In Heaven?

Becky, Glen and the grand kids are here. Yay! Hannah is changing ever so fast. I just can't get over the fact that she is walking. She played shy with me Friday when she got here but by this morning she had forgot all about the fact that she had forgot me a little and was back to being grandma's girl. She is such a comical and lively little sweet pea and has me laughing all the time. This morning as she was entertaining me I thought about how much John would have been enjoying her as well as all the grand kids. I was thinking about all that he was missing. Often I am comforted about how being in heaven that nothing sad or painful will ever touch him again but this morning as I laughed with Hannah, it got me thinking if that was really true. The only way that it would be true is if all of his memories were wiped out but then would it be true that if that is what happens to us on the other side, it would diminish who we are? Wouldn't we be less if we forgot about all the ones we loved. Isn't that what this life was all about? So, if he does remember, he must miss those grand babies, his kids, his friends and me. Perhaps it is easier to deal with when you have the God of all comfort right beside you and He can hold you when you are sad. I just have trouble believing that even in heaven that we are protected from all sorrow. I know that the bible says that Jesus will dry all our tears. Up till now I have took that to mean that there will be no tears. Now that I think about it, there will be tears but Jesus himself will wipe them. That does comfort me. John, we miss you too, all of us. I hope you are not too sad too often.


The Invisible Mo said...

I wonder more if instead of being sad, he is happy just being able to watch over you. I'm thinking if I were in heaven, how would it feel. Would we really miss life down here? Would watching over our loved ones be enough? Or would we wish we could come down and touch them, hold them and be a physical part of their lives. And if we did wish that, then like you said, could we really be happy all the time. Does being in heaven transcend all that? Does time stand still for us while we wait for everyone to be together again. Do we wonder if we will all be together again. Or are we just happy to be with those that are there and enjoy the new life that comes with passing over into the spirit. If he is watching over things, then isn't he laughing right along with you at all Hannah's (and Ben's and Sam's) antics? Is he maybe sitting right beside you loving you even more and hoping the joy will take away the sadness that came when he left? I sometimes think it must be so hard to watch your loved ones go through the grieving process while you are there enjoying heaven, but that is not what we are taught. We are taught that there is no sorrow in heaven. That leaves me to believe that after we pass we leave behind our earthly emotions, but who knows. It is a very confusing thought process. And one that we can never answer until we get there ourselves.

Christine said...

I know. It is confusing me. Maybe I am just thinking too much.

Jientje said...

I think it's the hardest for you. John is watching over you and the grandkids, I just know he is.