Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mom In Hospital

All the plans for the weekend were all for naught. I just got home from spending 10 hours in E.R. with my mom. She had a fall at her private care home this morning. They had the firemen come and pick her up off the floor. Upon her declaration of being fine they simply put her into bed where she proceeded to sleep for four hours. ( I don't know why they did not phone me right away?) When she woke up she was not feeling good and wanted to see me. I went right away and she told me that she broke her leg. She seemed to be moving it fine but when I went to put her sock on she just about went through the ceiling. I had an ambulance come to take her to the hospital because there was no way that I would be able to get her into the car. She could put no weight on her foot at all. When the ambulance guys got there and monitored her, they discovered that her heart was very irregular. She had been having problems with that but it had got very much worse. When she got to the hospital she was put in the trauma room and meds were given to bring her heart rate down which needed close monitoring because this drug can cause a drop in blood pressure. Then she was transferred to a different hospital and put in the trauma room there while she waits for a bed. She has to stay until they have her heart slowed down and until they have the right dose of medication to keep it stable. She is apparently in A-fib. All of this is very hard for me as it brings back so many bad memories of John's last days, it feels like I am reliving all that. I am hoping that she won't end up in the room that John was in, the room where the whole nightmare began. He went into A-fib twice and the medications were not working. At least they are for mom. Whew. She broke her foot. It is a strange type of a break. Most people get this kind of a break when they jump off something high. She must have slammed her foot hard. It takes a long time to heal. She can't walk so she can't go back into her care home as they can only take mobile people because they don't have sprinkler systems. I asked the doctor what happens now. He said that she could go into respite at another private care home. I told him that she has paid for her whole months rent and that is non refundable and she has not money to pay for other care and that I can't care for her. I can't even get her into my house. She is either going to have to stay in the hospital or they are going to have to find her a placement in a long term care home which is funded. I am sticking to my guns. there is no way that we are going to pay thousands of dollars for her to be cared for privately and that care will be crappy, much worse than our public long term care facilities. I have seem some of those places. Please pray for me for tomorrow as I will probably be squaring off with social work and Client patient Access Services. Even in Canada we do have to fight for some things and elder care is one of the big ones.

So that was my day. I did get out of my hermitage but not in the way I wanted too. There will be no puddle jumping tomorrow either. Just more hospitals. This hospital was where John was when he was first diagnosed. Not good. Not good at all. The doctor wanted to know how I knew so much about everything. I told him I had to learn everything the hard way, by watching somebody be very sick for three years and then die. I need to get out size 4X large big girl panties for this. I feel physically sick. I have to do it for mom. There is nobody else.

She only got to be in her nice new big room with her beloved chair 5 days. Why? Why this? Why now? I know, there is no answer. At least I recuperated from all the trauma and drama of the move. Hopefully will be good for a couple of days. My brother can't come in to help. He has to go to a conference in Toronto next week. O.K. I had better quit. Enough of the rant. Thanks for letting me get it out.


Jientje said...

Hugs dear. I hope you'll find the proper solution for her. Take care.

Melanie said...

ugh. sounds exhausting in every possible way. I'll pray that things work out quickly and easily for you both.

Lucy said...

OMG, I just read this today and all I can say is "I am sorry to hear this and a I will say a prayer for your mom and for you, this has to be hard for you too."

Avaelyn said...

Ohhhh! :( I just saw this, too. I'm so sorry! I can't imagine how hard it all must be. I hope your mom heals well and that you can get it all figured out without difficulty. Hugs and prayers.