Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Pee Pot!

Sometimes brilliant ideas are really not so brilliant at least from a dogs perspective. House breaking Frankie is proving to be a challenge. I can take her out for her business and within five minutes of being indoors she will quick squat and pee out a teaspoon. I have come to the conclusion that she can't be loose in the house at all for now unless I have my hands on her or she is attached to me on the leash. Feeling sorry for her, I brought in Roscoe's crate. I figured that if I put a blanket in there she would think that it was her den and have plenty of room to play yet not feel the need to pee out that seemingly mandatory teaspoon of pee. Within five seconds of being in there she proceeded to squat and pee. Arggh! Ouch! I just lost another handful of hair! I have been doing some research and have discovered that I need to buy and enzyme neutralizing agent to clean up after her. She is a hound and apparently can still smell her business on the floor even after scrubbing with disinfectant so in her pea sized brain that means that my office is the place to go. For now she has to stay in her little crate. The one good thing is that she like it in there and does not pee in there. Lat night she slept for eight hours in a row. When I woke up in the morning, I was afraid to look. I though that maybe she would be dead.

Other than that she really is a nice pup. She is very affectionate and I am learning how to discipline her without getting her back up and having her go into a fit. I am even able to put her on her back now. She just had to learn that being on your back can be a good thing. Tummy scratches are nice. Beagles don't do well with harsh discipline. It gets you the reverse reaction. Getting her to have good associations with the behavior that I want seems to work best. She is challenging my brain. I mean really...I am a person that has trouble getting a Golden Retriever to quit charging the door and to walk nice on the leash. Having Frankie may be the thing to cure that. She is slow so he has to wait for her to come along.


Margaret said...

I have heard that small dogs are harder to house train than big ones. The whole hound thing is something (I never thought of. they have a very sensitive nose. I don't envy you that job Chris, but I kind of envy you the playing with puppy though.

The Invisible Mo said...

Crate training is the best. With our puppies we only took them out of the crate if we were actually spending time with them. They went straight from the crate to the outside, come in and play a little with us, then outside again before being returned to the crate. If we saw them about to squat, we rushed them outside, dribble and all. We did not reprimand for accidents. We just returned them to the crate and cleaned up without them present.
My daughter's dogs sleep in their crates every night. One is a lab and one a boston terrier. They will actually go to the crates themselves if it is their usual bedtime. She shuts their crates at night, which is how I used to do it, too.

footsack said...

I have also heard that crate training is the way to go. We did that with one of our puppies too and it works really well. It's really hard at the beginning when thier bladders are only the size of a pea but they do get better! Really!!

Momisodes said...

I remember those days. With our first dog, we had to keep him in the kitchen for several weeks where the messes were easiest to clean up.

I'm curious to know if you were able to get your Goldie to stop charging the door and walk nice on a leash. My dog does both. I just bought him a lead/leash/collar, and it seems to help with the pulling.

Avaelyn said...

Oh Auntie Chris, I'm hoping you can get little Frankie house trained! But that does seem like quite the task, and a frustrating one at that. At least she seems to be fine with her crate!